Relationship Heroes – Better or Worse

I have been thinking about celebrity couples, and how the only positive thing I can say about their relationships is that sometimes they maintain a dignified silence when their partners cheat, else they always maintain a dignified silence and we never know about the bad times in the first place.

If anyone has every read any Nancy Mitford then apparently cheating was also the norm in France in the 1950s, and the only dignified thing to do was ignore it. Sorry let me amend that, the only dignified thing for the woman to do was to ignore it. The man could quite happily get on with it but woe betides any woman who decided on an extra-marital escapade. Of course we live now in more enlightened times, where it is equally bad for either partner to cheat.

The only opinion I have on cheating, is that the non-guilty party has a choice that only he or she can make. They can seek advice, decide to leave or stay, and may have so many other non-romantic issues to consider, such as finance, where to live, children. Ultimately deciding what to do is one of those decisions you have to take by yourself, and I can only imagine it is the loneliest feeling.

Being romantically minded I want a marriage for life. When I hear about people getting hitched I calculate from their ages the likelihood of them reaching 25, 40, 60 years. The more people get divorced, the more second marriages at older ages, the less likely new couples now will reach those relationship milestones. My Grandma had her ruby wedding anniversary, and I want the party and presents that go along with that too. No I am half serious, I want the relationship and commitment those things celebrate.

Maybe I should amend my attitude considering the odds. Perhaps there should be new relationships milestones, a big party every month not yet divorced with family, friends, presents and prosecco to celebrate the fact that, statistically, you are better at relationships.

But in the meantime my relationships heroes: a couple that celebrates the longevity of a marriage and all the joy and heartbreak that can bring. An American couple called Danny and Annie who met when they were young, and stayed together.  Google their names to find the video of their story, and have some tissues handy.