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I have, like most people, my not so positive moments. For example, when I was single I thought I would be so forever. My current worry is my legal career which has been affected badly by the recession. I know many others are in the same place where they are feeling alone and a little bit helpless. It is true that Christmas time especially can highlight the fact that other people have more money, better Christmas parties, and happier relationships.


I made a promise to myself quite a while ago, after a particularly good episode of Oprah, to always try and focus on the positive things in love, life and all that. The blog A Cup of Jo is a shiny, happy example of this.


A Cup of Jo’s author is called Joanne, and she is a journalist living in New York with her husband and their baby son, Toby. She blogs about her family and the things she loves. For example, now that it is Christmas she is posting her annual presents suggestions with inspired titles such as Gift Guide: Your Beloved Husband Who Makes Peppery Eggs, Sings The Rolling Stones to Your Baby and Can Always Make You Laugh.


Joanna blogged about her engagement, wedding and pregnancy. She regularly posts about other people’s quirky wedding photos, dresses and rings. The photos are lovely, her subjects fun and pretty, and her relationship is literally picture perfect.


The unique thing about this relationship is that these people are not celebrities as such, but are in the public eye because of Joanna’s blog. I have always been a fan of both reality TV and having a cheeky glance though people’s windows. This is another way of having a peek into other people’s lives.


I read an article recently on the website Jezebel about the current fashion for lifestyle bloggers, who depict themselves with enviable lives. The author of this article is ambivalent about this, feeling both inadequate and inspired. Of course everyone edits their lives. You can choose to focus on the positive or negative in every situation even down to how you respond to the question of, how is your love life?


I see A Cup of Jo as depicting a life and relationship that I love to read about. I therefore view Joanna and Alex as relationship heroes – people that inspire you, but do not make you feel inadequate. I will be exploring other relationship heroes over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, Merry Christmas, I hope you have a shiny, happy one!



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  1. joanna goddard says:

    aw, angela, this is so, so sweet. thank you so much, i’m really flattered.