Resolution Boyfriend

woman climbingI have made active decisions in the past to find a boyfriend. The scariest was climbing. I had heard that two acquaintances of my University friends had got together through a mutual love of the activity. The guy was hot. I was jealous.


I lasted two sessions: my thumb got rope burnt; I had 10 heart attacks and learnt that my legs freeze at a height of around 6 feet. I then made the mistake of watching a film about climbing called Touching the Void. For those who have not watched it, it involves broken bones and falling thousands of feet in the Peruvian mountains. I gave up climbing for ever. The best thing about it was the key ring I got for joining the centre. I am eternally grateful I didn’t buy any specialist shoes.


For the more brave among you I do recommend taking it up. There were some really fit (in both senses of the word) men there. There is also a good chance of chatting away to someone on a neutral ground.


Of course there are many other sports or hobbies you can take up. The only one I would not recommend if you are specifically looking for a man is salsa dancing. There are three types of men who go there: a) dragged by their partners; b) there willingly with their partners, c) creepy.


Another approach is to go on a date with anyone who asks you. I have written before how I gave my wonderful boyfriend a chanceeven though I was not sure at first (and he also gave me a chance thank goodness). In the past however I have not been so open minded. I have rejected men from first dates for the following reasons:

  1. He used abbreviated and misspelt text speak.
  2. He wore a hanky round their wrist so he could wipe his nose more easily when driving.
  3. He was shorter than me.


I feel mean admitting the above, and perhaps it explains why I have been single so much in the past. However I do stand by item 2 on the list, especially as my date was not driving at the time.


A third, and through my experience the best, way of finding a boyfriend, is online dating. I will write about the pros and cons, dos and don’ts of internet dating next time.