SpinningYou land with a hard thud, the blue birds, butterflies, white bunnies and red love hearts disappear. No longer seeing the object of your affection with rose-tinted glasses, you now face the bleak reality.


Falling for a guy you once believed to be perfect, yet eventually realising he is exactly like your ex was or even worse can crack any ice woman up. Guys pretending to be a certain way, sugar coating their words and wheeling you in like a cod. You thought he could be the one, or the one for a while at least. Yet the honeymoon stage ended before it even begun, and you are there once again trying to piece together why it did not work out or what you could have done differently.


Many girls’ teardrops are due to boys sometimes being quite mean, one minute they promise you the world and the next they become bored and move onto their next victim. It is most likely the reason why Ben and Jerry’s are so popular, I guess we have men to thank for that!


No matter how hard you try and avoid it, no matter how good you play the games, you will at some point face a broken heart. It cannot be avoided and it is the sacrifice you give in order to fall madly in love. What can be learned is how strong an experience like this can make you, and there is still someone who will be worth that sacrifice. Not all men will be mean and although what you wanted to work out did not in the way you expected, just take it on the chin. There hopefully are still decent men that exist, who will not be talking to you one minute and playing it cool the next.


As the saying goes plenty more fish in the sea!


Nothing can quickly mend a bruised or broken heart, but there are things can help it on its way…


1)      Spending time with people that make you smile, friends or family


2)      Taking up a sport or hobby to keep you busy and active


3)      Attending those parties or social events you are invited to, as staying in bed is not healthy and will make you feel more blue


4)      Getting a new outfit or doing that hairstyle you have always wanted to do


5)      Pampering yourself with bath bombs, body soaps, face masks and eating a yummy bar of chocolate!


Although the relationship in question did not work out, it does not mean your next one will not. Until then, be happy and everything in life is an experience, good or bad, it is how you learn from it that really matters.