Sarah Jessica Parker’s Catwalk Debut

News has it that Sarah Jessica Parker has decided to further contribute to the world of fashion, only now from behind the scenes rather than the silver screen.  Well about time!  If the likes of stylish Victoria Beckham can do it, so can SJP.

For years now she has been setting the trends.  She has clearly influenced women all over the world to be more adventurous with their wardrobes.  She has shown us how what may have previously been regarded as mismatched or a weird clash can now really be deemed as cutting edge fashion combos.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s uninhibited ways certainly gave the red light to be yourself, express yourself as quirkily as you want without fear of looking like a fool.  Before the days of Carrie Bradshaw you would be seen as unfashionable or a bit odd if you stepped out in an outfit that was utterly unique.  Now, you can be whoever you want to be and people will just think “that’s an interesting fashion statement”.

Now there were a few Carrie style combinations that didn’t really appeal and she is the one to blame for this awful fashion of showing your bra, particularly, when the horizontal strap across the back is on display.  Those few errors of judgement aside, SJP will no doubt make a wonderful catwalk designer.

She is reportedly working 15 hour days to learn the business inside out in preparation for her debut in March 2011 as a designer for American label Halston Heritage.  She was seen taking copious notes during London and New York Fashion Week.  She is said to have been talking with designers like Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham for advice and to have been seeking feedback on the many sketches she has drawn.

Some celebrities appear to be designing clothes for publicity and just because they are handed the opportunity.  Unfortunately, Kate Moss’ collection at Topshop has rarely been exciting.  Perhaps when she does her forthcoming limited collections for Topshop they will contain some va va voom.  On the other hand, the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, seem to take the challenge much more seriously and appear to throw themselves into it.  With that in mind, one can be quite confident that SJP’s contribution to the catwalks is unlikely to disappoint and we can already see her efforts now.