Sex Toys On A First Date?

Pheromone Massage Oil - Green TeaWhen considering sex toys for couples it is more often thought that they are a good way to “spice things up” after couples have been together for a while. Perhaps a need arises to experiment in order to revive their sexual appetite and experience new ways of love making. You may be surprised to know that using a vibrator alone actually increases the desire to be with a partner rather than replacing it, so perhaps you needn’t wait ’til things get dull.


Now vibrators have broken through into mainstream popular culture and are no longer the taboo they once were, could they be introduced to lovers’ bedrooms on the first date?


With many couples today meeting online long before they finally get together, many have discussed all sorts of saucy subjects, including the use of sex toys, so are more open to using them when the moment arrives. While the debate rages on about whether it is appropriate to have sex on a first date, there is no definitive protocol regarding the subject of when (or if) to whip out the rampant rabbit.


Leather WhipIt could be argued that there would be no better time to introduce a sex toy than on a first date. There are, after all, no preconceptions about what your partner likes and wants so you are able to be more open to uninhibited experimentation.


Of course this all depends on the way you feel about your date and if they feel the same way as you. There is also the small matter of which, if you have a few, one to use. It might be best to wait until you have got to know each other a little better before you bring out the ‘Thumping Rabbit Vibrator’ and the anal beads!


Ultimately, it’s all about personal choice and whether you feel there is a connection with your date which lends itself to the vibe. If the chemistry between you is right, have fun!