Share And Share Alike?

Two women after one manWatching an episode of 90210 left me feeling rather uneasy. Silver and Navid finally gave into their lust for one another and kissed. However, Navid is in a relationship with Adrianna, Silver’s best friend. It left me thinking would all best friends dare to go there, would they fall for your boyfriend and if so act on their feelings?


I believe that you cannot help who you ultimately develop feelings towards but out of respect to even a best friend, surely you would not cross the boundaries. Most girls have the unwritten law of never dating each others exes. Not only can it become complicated but it makes you think whether or not you can trust a person.


You cannot force people not to be together but surely if Silver, the young female in question, respected Adrianna’s friendship enough, she would put her own feelings for Navid aside. Dating each others exes is nearly as bad as sharing each others knickers, that is my personal opinion. Not only does it cross intimate memories you thought you alone shared with that person but now your so-called best friend does but it goes beyond sharing one another’s bags and dresses.


Your friend is there to listen to you moan and rant on about your ex, hear you cry if you bump into them, help you devour a tub of ice cream, not actually take on the unfinished job themselves and make them their latest squeeze. There are just some things that friends should never ever share, a man being one of them!


He could be the most beautiful man you ever saw in your life and ever will, he could charm you with a lifetime supply of Hotel Chocolat, he could even buy you a Tiffany cut diamond but I just pray that the best friends out there would still reject him in favour of her friend.