Shattered Mirror

datingLike a mirror, once trust is broken it is never the same again. No matter how many times you try your best to fix it, you will never see a clear image.


That is why so many people find trusting their partner so difficult and at times scary, as no one wants their trust to be broken. I have heard countless tales of how many have trusted their partner and then later uncovered a trail of lies and revelations.


Obviously it is not healthy to go into a relationship or even a friendship without trust, but many find the idea of putting their heart on their sleeve and giving another person the benefit of the doubt the most difficult task in the whole of the universe!


Often, if a person’s trust has been broken before, they rarely trust another person again or find it very difficult to do so. Not everyone in life is going to lie and shatter your trust in a million pieces but I think we are all guilty of being wary of others once we have been lied to.


However, not everyone in life is going to be a liar and treat your trust that you have for them with disrespect, and in any case, time is the best teller. Taking your time to get to know your partner will slowly allow you to build up a connection, and also put your mind at ease with reassurance. Once you learn how your partner works and functions you will find trusting them easier. Moreover, trust takes time to build up so do not feel pressured and try and hurry the process along.


If you still find yourself questioning your partner then maybe you have to take time out and concentrate on your own issues with trusting others. You may want to take a new relationship slow, taking baby steps until you no longer feel afraid to trust again.


Every person is always scared of being hurt and lied to, but if your partner is worth it, then it is a risk worth taking!