Single Days

Beyonce - Single LadiesAs Christmas lurks its sparkly head around November’s corner you begin to notice how much love really is in the air, and most couples come out of hibernation to display that love brighter than the biggest bauble on the tree. But just as kids, and fun loving adults open their sickly sweet treats behind each advent calendar door, counting down the days to turkey, tinsel and too many pairs of socks; it makes me reflect on my days as a single lady, and how the year resembles one big advent calendar in my quest for all things romantic. Here I want to give you an insight in to life as a single lady; the partying, tears and realisation that it’s okay not to be as strong as Queen Bey.


My last serious relationship ended nearly four years ago; just to put that into perspective Britney Spears shaved her head around the same time, which means her locks have grown back and my needs, wants and tastes have experienced a cut and blow dry of their own. Since the demise of that relationship I have of course met guys, some for casual dates, a few drunken kisses and a couple which could have gone the distance in my naïve love struck young eyes.


The first year of being single knocked my confidence and left me feeling like I would never feel the touch of a male again; dramatic I know, but bitterness can often be blinding. But I soon visited SpecSavers and began seeing the world of dating in a new light, which for once wasn’t murky grey. I decided to fake it until I felt it, and focus on other things such as going out drinking, partying with my best friend and dropping a few tears when it turned out that the hottest guy in the club had spun me a web of lies when it came down to really going on a date.


The truth is I am romantic at heart, and no matter how much I tried to pretend I wasn’t looking for a relationship, it always came out in the end. Now, four years into singledom, I can wave my ringless hand proudly in the air and not have the doubts shouting ‘uh oh oh’ as each day passes without Mr Right.


I say there are two ways you can view being a single lady; either wallow and reside yourself to a life of nights in watching X Factor alone and wondering where your past relationships went wrong, or live each day as it comes and for the time being simply work on the most important relationship of all, as being crazy in love with yourself and enjoying the single pleasures in life is something we can all take for granted.