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Disinterested womanWhy is it that when you are not interested in dating, men suddenly turn up out of thin air?


It is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, I am certain Professor Brian Cox would agree with me. As soon as you stop looking at the potential in clubs, bars or wherever your spot may be, a line of guys suddenly appear and you are not even in the slightest bit interested.


Guy number one with his flash car and apartment irritates you and you are not even bothered when he promises he will take you to an amazing restaurant. Guy number two with his smouldering looks and cheeky grin does not appeal at all to you, as you find his hard to get approach quite sad. Guy number three with his ‘we have been friends for a while now’ speech scares you half to death and suddenly that third glass of wine is more tempting than ever.


As soon as that off button is pressed and we cease to look for guy interest, a whole herd of them appear, like magic!


The thing is though, by this time, we are not interested and being single is more attractive to our eyes than getting involved in a potential relationship. The thought of putting effort into getting to know a new guy, texting and calling, planning dates seems more effort than it’s worth, suddenly being single is the better alternative.


It seems that 2011 has brought with it a shift of events, where more women are less concerned about relationships, babies and being able to cook. I admit to relying on takeaways and the occasional meal from my parents. I have plenty of time to learn to cook; I say this with a frown.


Women are less worried about finding Mr. Right and taking drastic actions to put a ring on their finger. Right now, I will make do with just a Chanel on my arm, any donations are gladly welcomed.



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  1. Emma says:

    Haha, very true. A very good statement that women chasing a relationship instead of an actual man should become aware of.