Stripes: Dos and Don’ts

Stripe Shorts, ASOSBlue and white, black and white or grey or white, stripes have become a staple in fashion. Inspired by sailor and French fashion from the likes of Popeye the sailor man and Jean Seberg, stripes have truly transformed style in its own right inspiring many high street fashion heavy weights such as Topshop, River Island, French Connection and Urban Outfitters along the way.


Known now in the fashion world as nautical fashion, stripes add a sense of elegance to any look. Influencing many fashionistas such as Agness Deyn, Jennifer Hudson and Sienna Miller, nautical stripes can make a range of classic looks from French rock chic to indie cool kid. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you through this trendy look, so you too get the lovely nautical look.



  • It’s best to only wear one striped item at a time so your outfit does look too crowed and busy.
  • Mix stripes skinny jeans, leather and pumps.
  • Wear with military boots for cool casual but flawless look.
  • Wear them with a pop of colour like red to make your outfit really stand out.



  • Wear too many stripes at once, otherwise an outfit becomes too much.
  • Mix different colours of stripes together.
  • Don’t forget about colour blocking, stripes always do great with a bit of colour.
  • Don’t wear a bright neon bra underneath.


Striped Fashion


Shoes: Stripe heels, flats or wedges, stripe shoes can add a classic touch to any outfit, making any simple jeans and t-shirts combo pop in an instant.

Tops: Mix them with skinny jeans, cardigans, pumps and military boots for a cute indie look or toughen them up with leather and beret for a French rock chick look.

Maxi Dress: Great for the summer season, a striped maxi dress in navy and white look great with brown wedges.

Shorts: You can never go wrong with stripe shorts especially in black and white. Be sure to wear these with an even top such as white or a pale colour such as pink, blue or grey. This ensures that the outfit looks simple but still allows the striped shorts to stand out.


Now you’ve got your dos and you’ve got your don’ts, you can go out there and look effortlessly chic and strut your stuff with your ‘just rolled out of bed look.’ So do invest in some striped items for your wardrobe as they will forever be a fashion favourite for girls and boys.