Stupid Cupid

CupidSo, I have to go out for a friend’s birthday tomorrow night. All good you might think, since I usually work all weekend. Unfortunately it’s going to be a case of being the spare, as all of my friends are now coupled up leaving me with just an imaginary plus one.


Just a few months ago the ratio of single/couple was pretty much the opposite and I’m not sure when it changed. Did everyone decide they weren’t going to be single any more or was Cupid that busy in West London in December? If so I can’t help feeling a bit left out, since either there’s most likely going to be an empty chair/space next to mine or a random single “friend” dragged along to make up the numbers/as part of a vague set up attempt.


When did everyone become part of a couple? It seems like when the tickets were handed out for being a couple mine got lost in the post somewhere. So if Cupid’s having a laugh at the last single person in my group: think again pal. I get to flirt, have fun and talk to whoever I want. So whether it’s a friendly but ego boosting series of messages (going nowhere but puts a smile on my face) or telling the slimy guy at the bar where to go, the joke’s on you. Sorry Cupid, I’m with Samantha Jones on this one.