Suits You, Sir?

Suits You

Unlike baseball caps and low slung trousers, there are some looks that never go out of fashion. However a classic and timeless suit can easily be ruined by a few style crimes that could warrant the introduction of a real life fashion police or sabotage that perfect first date or your dream job interview So how do you ensure your look is more Don Draper than Del Boy? Luckily George Clooney looks aren’t necessarily a pre requisite.


Unless you’re going to the gym or running a marathon white sports socks are a definite no go. There are few things worse than seeing an initially well-dressed man sporting an immaculate black suit and polished shoes, only to notice the presence of a pair of flaring Persil- white socks. Trust me, streamlined colours means no distractions from your personality/abilities/gleaming CV.


Creases are also a major giveaway sign that, if you can’t look after yourself will you be able to take on more responsibility or take care of someone else? It’s not something that requires Stephen Hawking level intelligence: just press, hang up and go. Gentlemen, spray starch is your new best friend and learning how to use the iron properly should be a high priority on your to do list.


Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches when it comes to looking slick and stylish. Make sure your suit fits, from leg length to a tailored jacket. If trouser fit is an issue, get the waist right and then simply make friends with a good tailor/dry cleaner or alternator who can adjust to get that perfect fit. If a custom fit Saville Row suit is beyond your budget, a jacket can be adjusted or have darts inserted to alter it for your shape. Try visiting different shops to find out who caters best for you: what works in one shop may be a completely different fit elsewhere. Department stores like House of Fraser and Next often have personal shoppers who can give discreet advice and steer you towards the best pieces for you as an individual.


After all being slick, stylish and sophisticated should equal confidence and cool charisma. And if you’re ever in doubt, just think what the ultimate sharp suited man would opt for. Think Bond, whether Brosnan or Connery and take it from there. Be stirred, not necessarily shaken.