The Block Heel

My favourite: Dalmatian Print Block Heel Dolly Shoes - £38.00, NextIn Celebrity Ville, the block heel was reintroduced by Mary-Kate Olsen about 2 or 3 years ago, and it’s only recently I’ve fallen in love with the design. I’m disappointed by how slow I was to find such a shoe! Better late than never, eh?


If, like me, you enjoy the classic feel and sturdiness (or as my mother would pout “clumpiness”) of block heel shoes then awe at the little finds I’ve come across on my nightly online browse!


Next seem to be the leaders of advocating the block heel dolly shoes with their fall collection. I love how they’ve altered the standard ballet pump by simply adding a medium heel. It seems like the staple has matured, making it appropriate for those formal gatherings. Is it me or do you feel like such a child when you wear little ballet pumps? Next has injected an element of fun with their leopard print, nude, patent, black, dalmatian print and leather variants of the block heel style. To make this shoe an even better investment, Next offers a wide foot option for those who find the general shoe size a little snug.

My favourite: Hexa Colour Blocked High Platform Sandal - £50.00, ASOSASOS has interpreted the block heel in a statuesque, dramatic and modern manner. Their basic plan for all their block heels it seems is huge heeled with lots of applique. The intimidating height of the heel is lessened with the supportive ankle strap and extra wedge on the body of the shoe. The colours are vibrant, ranging from the palette of purple to yellow. I personally prefer the simpler models but if you’re one for show off heels, ASOS’s range is perfect for you. There’s also a shoe sale currently happening with block heel brogues being of main interest.


Keep an eye on for the block heel during the winter season. They’ll be your sturdiest friend when you’re tottering around on ice-ridden paths.