The Gentleman and The Lady

old fashioned romanceI am in love with old fashioned romance! The days where men use to open doors for women, surprise them with flowers and chocolates and make an effort to connect intellectually.


I cannot help but feel that many women are lacking the gentleman, the man who would go to any lengths in order to gain her attention and heart. What happened to the courtship, the heroic deeds to impress and picking you up from your house?


Of course I do not expect to see men fighting off dragons to impress ladies trapped in towers or your date asking your fathers permission before you go out together, yet I do expect a level of the tradition.


The effort made from both sides should be equal but it is always nice when the man asks the woman out on a date. The first date should always be special, a chance to see if you both connect and have anything in common. These days it seems Nandos is the first date choice for many men. Not only is it the easiest place to take a date, it shows lack of imagination and more so effort. Nandos is becoming as common as McDonalds, would you take a first date to McDonalds?


Effort with communication is also a factor. With Facebook and Blackberry Messenger, it is instant messaging in text form rather than making the effort to speak proper sentences with grammar on the phone or in person.


Not all men are going to be the same but it is evident that there are quite a few who exist and who are guilty of making no effort. The gentleman is at risk of becoming completely erased and forgotten about. In addition, women have to act with certain class to be treated like a lady. By this, I mean not sleeping with the guy on the first date, taking your time to get to know him mentally before physically, and remembering your manners. Although we are all guilty of swearing, putting the F word in every sentence will not gain you brownie points! Remember to also say “please” and “thank you” as there is nothing worse than when a man makes the effort but gets no appreciation.


A good relationship is based on the foundation of first contact. If he does not respect you in the beginning then he never will. More so, if you do not hold high expectations for yourself then how can you expect him to?


Always expect the best and never give up on the prospect of meeting a gentleman and being treated like a lady.