The Good, The Bad and The Reality

bad boy attractionForget the line ‘Every girl loves a bad boy’. It’s stupid, outdated, and I bet if you really think about it you have never woken up thinking ‘If only I could meet a man like (insert your chosen bad boy here)’.


To me, the ‘Good Guy’ title means boring, and the ‘Bad Boy’ title means he won’t call, he has two other girls more important to him than you are and that he probably has an ankle bracelet. So what’s the reality? The Gad Guy of course! He’s good looking, funny, has a body like Brad Pitt in ‘Thelma and Louise’ (Okay, so you can tint the reality a little). He’ll wait just long enough to call you so you’re still interested but not so long that you start stressing over the ten minute conversation you had. ‘Should I have worn that dress with those shoes? Did my telling him I wear all in one pyjamas to bed scare him off?’


Point is that these groups we females divide potential prospects into are entirely between us as a gender, and we can do whatever we want with them. Even form new ones, but what we invent as a gender should stay between us as a gender.


Example, call a male a ‘Good Guy’ and you’ll instantly offend him. Trust me when I say that even they have worked out it is code for boring, or ‘lets just stay friends’. Call him a ‘Bad Boy’ and he’ll dart to look in the nearest mirror, while his ego rockets so high that it busts a hole in the ceiling. So next time you talk to a guy, a guy that you like, if you have to say anything say:

“It’s so nice to finally meet a Gad Guy”



A) He won’t feel bad like the Good Guy


B) He won’t look for a mirror like the Bad Boy, meaning his gaze will remain entirely on you.


C) He won’t have a clue what you are on about. Meaning your meeting will stay in his head a lot longer than that girl who batted her eyelashes and laughed unrealistically at him when he asked her name.