The Highs and Lows of Loungewear

loungewearNot many can deny the great effort that goes into creating our daily style. The desire is for each outfit to be compliment-inducing, reflective of one’s current mood and never, ever, a dull repeat of a previous ensemble. In addition to this the choice of the day must be activity, socially and weather appropriate. This daily fashion statement is made for many reasons, the main one being, quite simply, because it makes us happy. Taking pride in our appearance and the creativity involved in personal style is a therapeutic and enjoyable process.


Perhaps this explains why I find the decision of what to wear in front of the TV, or to cook dinner, such a miserable dilemma. It all stems from the sense that ‘best’ or ‘new’ items are not to be ‘worn around the house’. Often it is a waste of a quality outfit – why wear it if it’s not been taken anywhere to get showed off. More usually, it is the slightly paranoid belief that lounging on the sofa in jeans or a well fitting dress will stretch and forever misshape the garment. The resort tends to be to old faithfuls – comfy, warm items that have either seen a better day, or been purchased cheaply with comfort above style in mind. The transformation from outdoor to indoor wear is often a sad decline from stylish to slob.


So, what to wear when you’re going nowhere? The prerogative is that it needs to be comfy, look attractive for your boyfriend/judgemental flatmate/the postman, and still retain your individual sense of style. What options are out there?



One could channel a ‘loungewear luxe’ vibe. Think fine knit leggings with layered vests and lightweight cashmere knits. Imagine a cosy but not bulky silhouette and classic muted shades of camel and black, the perfect ensemble for a lazy morning, pottering about whilst drinking herbal tea.


Alternatively, house wear could go grunge – baggy checked shirts with bare legs and granddad cardigans. The bad-girl look isn’t for everyone, so for some behind closed doors is a good opportunity to channel some attitude.


For more active indoor pursuits a high-fashion sporting look might appeal. Spring cleaning days would befit an old-style tracksuit jacket with tiny track shorts and knee high socks – young, fresh and a bit of fun.


For a bit of controversy you could even consider a matching velour tracksuit in a suitably garish shade of fuchsia. They might have a bad reputation but as a guilty indulgence is perfect for those girly nights where you paint your nails in front of the television.


So, luckily, there are various fashion footpaths to follow for this particular outfit conundrum. The effort involved in making fashionable loungewear choices could soon become well worth it as winter sets in and the outdoors becomes a more daunting prospect and, finally, why shouldn’t we make a statement with what we wear at home? We do with everything else…


By Jessica Bowman