THE SINGLE BED: Site for sore eyes

Online DatingI think I am proud to tell you that I have joined an internet dating site. I thought it would be easier to write about the single bed, if something actually happened in mine…other than reading a good book before I turn out the lights. I do try and spice things up by using several different bookmarks at once. But I know this is not for everyone.

The generous (and optimistic people) at have kindly given me a complimentary membership, even more generous when you consider that my profile is unlikely to attract new members to their site….and possibly force them to field complaints from existing members.

You see the site promotes itself as offering ‘romance for the successful and attractive.’  So on the upside I only have two things stopping me from meeting anyone on this site. After a quick scroll through all the men (and there are thousands) I can testify that the owners are not kidding about the attractive part; I haven’t seen so many attractive men in once place since the last time I flew Qantas.

I was also asked if I wanted a second membership to their sister site, but I advised that I wasn’t sure that I could handle rejection on two fronts. Although on reflection anything with the word ‘fling’ in it, might be just what the doctor ordered. Maybe I should reconsider; there are only so many Saturday nights I can pretend to find a bubble bath satisfying…not that anyone believes me anyway.

After logging onto the site yesterday, I was disappointed to find that I didn’t seem to have any emails from the aforementioned attractive and successful types. But then I realized I hadn’t checked my inbox properly, and found that I had 41 new emails…no its not possible to email yourself, I tried that  just to give my quest for love a kick start. I make a note to amend my profile to include the description ‘not that bright.’ Anyone who braves going out with me will find this out soon enough anyway.

I emailed some of the attractive  men back, telling them that amongst other things I write a dating column. I am still waiting to hear back from any of them, to see whether or not they have a problem with this…. ‘not that bright’ might be an understatement.

So after one week on, I have been winked at, added to someone’s favorites and added to someone’s friends list on Facebook. All of which is as erotic as it sounds, and I am staring down the barrel of another Saturday night in the bubble bath…alone. Maybe I can ask to just send me some men and bypass the whole website thing?

I don’t feel that much closer to meeting the man of my dreams (or at least just a man to give me good dreams.) I figure though that it is impossible to feel any further away from meeting him. Worst case this site just gives me something else to do before I go to sleep every night.

It might do me some good to spend some more time by myself anyway; according to the site I am only 88% compatible with myself…this at least explains my inability to agree with myself on which bookmark to use.


Sally Beerworth