The Stress of University Packing

Zac Posen rain boots - transparent - AW 09When it comes to the mammoth task of packing for university, all I want to do is weep and cradle myself in the fetal position. After brainstorming ideas for my next article, I sort inspiration from the pile of clothes sprawled in front of me. Which top, dress, jeans or jacket do I take back to university? Will it withstand the torrential rain and wind that Manchester has to offer? Should I go for the “slouchy” or “fashion conscious” student look? So many decisions; too many clothes…


When I first arrived home, I did the usual purge of clothing, bags and shoes. If it wasn’t waterproof or sleeved, it’s not Manchester worthy. I’ve managed to, however, collect more clothes which are even more inappropriate for Manchester! Whilst looking through the mountain of clothes, thoughts of “why on Earth did you buy this?”, “this wouldn’t even keep a small creature warm!” and “is this a top or a dress?” keep occurring. It just shows that I am a spontaneous shopper: I see something shiny and I wap out my debit card. Maybe that’s why I have no money?


I’d like to tell myself that I’ll change my shopping habits and invest in durable, long-lasting clothing but I know I never will. I’ll buy those canvas shoes which will last a week in the rain and blister my feet, hot pants I’ll never wear as it’s freezing throughout the year even in July, and camisoles which will never be seen with the amount of layering needed to keep in the warmth. I’m definitely a rookie when it comes to savvy shopping.


Even on nights out I’ll endure the cold just to wear my new body-con dress or high-waisted skirt with bare legs. This is the frequent challenge I see many women  in clubs or bars trying to overcome, reflecting the age-old saying ” if you look good, you feel good”. I stuck with this mantra for as long as I could, but all I got were sticky, vodka-and-Red bull legs and feet, as well as a chill only a boiling shower could relieve.


I am confused and distressed. I feel as if choosing my future university 2 years ago was easier than deciding which bags I’m taking for the coming semester.


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  1. ash says:

    had the exact same problems when moving back to Manc!