To Try Or Not To Try? Try!

Topshop slipperLooking through what are deemed to be the upcoming autumn/winter 11 trends in a magazine with my mates we stopped on a certain page and went quiet. We broke the silence with, “You know what, I quite like them,” “Yeah they’re alright really,” “I was looking at them a while ago but I just wasn’t sure.” What was this mystery item that caused a long guilty and musing pause and a hesitant admittance to liking it? Well it was slippers. Not fluffy pink numbers but slipper loafers. I’m now prepared to totally admit I adore these cute “gentleman of the manner” style pumps and can’t wait to wear my own.


Looking at the slippers, I did feel a sense of guilty pleasure towards them and this got me thinking. Why did me and my friends wait for each other to approve? I’ve decided to take a look at some other trends that got off to a controversial start, only to be much sought after later.


Rachel Bilson styleWhat last years heeled clogs? There were thousands of mixed reviews yet I adored the clog and would probably offend some fashionistas by admitting I may don them on again this summer.


Another item I considered was leather shorts. Everything about them screams wrong, leather around your lower half is a risky and potentially bondage style look. But just check out Rachel Bilson looking amazing in hers. Leather shorts were everywhere this summer and due to their material, I’m betting they’ll last right up until winter.


If someone said to me two months ago that I would own and openly wear a turban I doubt I would have believed them. However, I most definitely do own one and I love it. I’ve always wanted return to the twenties and make hats an essential before leaving the house and I think this is a step in the right direction. So I learnt my lesson, don’t shy away from a controversial new style, embrace it, and you may even get to say you were one of its pioneers.


Also to give an honourable mention to the lamentably lost Amy Winehouse.  If you consider it, everything about her style was wrong. Mental hair, tons of eye make-up, macho tattoos and a neat girly fifties dress to top it all off. But that’s what made her style so amazing, it was unique, she took a risk and it was her.


So I’ve decided, have no fear, when you think, to try or not to try? Always try.  Just be prepared that inevitably, trends will change. You’re likely to look back at pictures of yourself in your slipper loafers and get the same response you give when you see a picture of your Mam in double denim and legwarmers. But what the hell, you’re only young once.