Top 10 Attributes: What Men Want

male desireWomen spend hours talking about men, second guessing their behaviours and over analysing every facet of their beings.
Some say that men are simple creatures and it’s the women who complicate matters, whilst others believe that men are more complex than we once thought.


So what do men really want? Unplug the telephone, pour the wine and kick back to find out…


1. Someone to love. This may come as a surprise to you considering women have had it drummed in to their heads that men are mostly ‘only after one thing’. In fact, men love to be loved and they can be pretty good at reciprocating too. So on a first, third or fifth date; leave the cynicism at home and believe that it could go further than a quick findle in the back of a cab.


2. Beauty. This doesn’t mean that a woman has to scrub up well enough to rival Gisele. In many instances, supermodel looks are inaccessable and intmidating to a man. A well presented, attractive woman however is not and taking care of yourself is a must.


3. Kindness. We’ve all met (and broken up with) the ‘I need to be mothered’ man but even normal, independent and self sufficient men want to be with a woman who is simply kind.
A woman who is gentle and pleasant can appear more attractive in the sense that she would make a good mother to future children.


4. Femininity. Being ‘one of the boys’ can be attractive because you are portraying yourself as an understanding and fun person but out drinking your man and beating him at pool in front of his friends can be a bit too tough for him to handle. This means that farting and burping is a no go area…even if men do it in front of you, you must refrain.


5. Sense of humour. Men don’t want a woman who is uptight, stern and a basic extension of their school teacher. Be relaxed, be sociable and be fun. Leave the nagging to a minimum; it’s not attractive.


6. Support. Nit picking about leaving the toilet seat up is one thing but criticising your man’s every move is a sure fire way to singledom. You and your man should work together as a team; he sees you as his support network; don’t turn on him.


7. Challenge. Once a man is relaxed in a relationship, laziness can take over causing an air of complacency to surround him – and you. Keeping him on his toes by being slightly unpredictable at times can make him work for you and keep him alert.


8. Communicate. Whilst passion and fire can work wonders in the bedroom; shouting your mouth off at any given opportunity is overly dramatic and exhausting.
By all means, hold an intellectual debate and converse to your heart’s content but leave the shouting and plate smashing for Greek weddings.


9. Sex appeal. There comes that time in every relationship where fantasy must give way to reality. i.e. the make up comes off, the tracksuits come on and ‘chilling mode’ has definitely begun.
This is all good and well now and again but let us not forget that men are visual creatures; they need to be stimulated so what they see should be what they like.


10. Trustworthy. Life is hard enough with a man having to worry about trusting the girl he loves. Keep him challenged but don’t cheat on the guy; be honest, be cool.