Top 7 Strategies For Female Flirting

Woman flirting with man

For some the art of flirting comes naturally.  For others it can feel somewhat awkward.  Of course you can wear a low cut top and bend down or a figure hugging dress and bend over.  For those who prefer more sophistication, elegance and subtlety here are our top seven, simple to perform, flirting tips.


Eye contact

This is one of the most fun flirting techniques because when you fancy a guy you want to look at him!  What makes it so much fun is that holding eye contact with a guy is a secret non-verbal communication between just the two of you that says, “I like what I see”.  It doesn’t matter who you are with, neither your company nor his will normally notice, and so it’s just a fun little secret that the two of you share.


The leaning head

This can work particularly well if you are out together with a whole group of friends.  When you’re smiling at him, just before you lose eye contact lean your head to one side, then look down and continue smiling to yourself for a few moments.  As you do that you convey to him that you like him and are smiling at your own secret thoughts about him.


The post- gaze glance back

Nothing is more obvious than holding your gaze as you make eye-contact with a guy, looking away and then giving them a moment’s glance again.  That way, if he is in any doubt as to whether or not you were looking in his direction but really staring into space involved in your own thoughts, he’ll now know you were in fact looking at him.


The shoulder-lift and head-dip

This is another great tip if you are socialising in a group of, perhaps, mutual friends.  This is a coy move that is very feminine and appealing to guys because the heightened femininity makes him feel more masculine and powerful.  This merely involves bringing one shoulder diagonally forward and upwards and bringing your cheek bone (on the same side) down to meet it half way.  The movement should be at a steady pace, not too slow, not too fast.  You’ve not got a crick in your neck and it’s not a dance move!  Your facial expression should be coy and smiley.  A cheeky little smile can be really effective too.


The lean in

When you lean in and invade his personal space you subtly tell him you are comfortable with him.  If you also look him in the eyes when you do this, you emotionally connect with him too.  The closeness imitates the experience of being romantically involved and they eye contact lets him know you are fond of him.


The ear brush

The ideal environment for this is somewhere like the cinema (where you have to speak quietly) or in a bar or night club (where the music is loud and so it’s difficult to hear).  When you are saying something in his ear, let your lips, lightly brush his ear.  This touch sensation on the ears can send shivers down the receiver’s spine and send the signal of romantic interest.  This extreme intimacy is only displayed by someone trying to send an obvious message of sexual attraction.  If it is too much for you, either too inappropriate or too obvious or you’re too shy for this, then replace the brushing lips with the feeling of your breath.  This means you may want to breathe out more heavily than usual into the direction of his ear lobe or the edge of it.


The touch

The touchy feely behaviour, touching his arm/back/shoulder/leg with your hand again shows you are comfortable with him and like him.  Men are certainly aroused by touchy feely actions, even if you are not actually attracted to the one you are touching.  So if you are attracted to him, he will like this connection and the more frequently you do it, the more he will notice it this signal.