Under Construction

lovescene magazineHow many of us would change to please a guy? It got me thinking, as you often see women trying on clothes in a shop, they frown and add, “Dave wouldn’t like me in this”, or, “I’ll ask Mike if he likes it”.


It puts fear into me, as if you would change to please a guy, right?


When you first date a guy surely they are accepting you as you are, yet you can find some men who slowly try to mould their girlfriends. One minute it is, “my ex wore dresses like that and I never liked it” and the next “why don’t you dye your hair blonde?”


I think men are getting too brave, especially when they are openly giving women tips on how to dress, what make-up to wear and how to style their hair. I do not understand why men would date someone if they are not fully happy with how that person is. Men criticising their partners and sometimes even sulking or provoking arguments because they dislike them wearing a dress should be a crime!


I understand that men can sometimes feel worried when their partner wears a short skirt and belly top, that obviously is too much and can give the wrong signals to other men. However, what I cannot understand and never ever will is men criticising when their partner actually looks lovely in a classy dress, or making snide remarks about their weight. To me it is another level of bullying and can often cause women to develop a low self-esteem.


The only man who should ever be allowed to give fashion advice is Gok Wan so all these other men better step back!