Undercover Hottie

dating a geekHaving only just realised what a date with a ‘geek’ could mean, I am more than willing to put aside The Alpha Male. Seeing Professor Brian Cox talk about stars with such passion made me drool over the thought of dating a ‘geek’.

Women are finally realising that brains rule over the jock aka Ashley Cole, John Terry and Tiger Woods. Who really wants to be seen on the arm of a sportsman right now, who’s not only a player on the pitch but also off it.

A study has been done by psychologist Dr Satoshi Kanazawa who stated that men who hold lower IQs are more prone to cheat than those with higher. A ‘geek’ will be more grateful to take you on a date, conversation will exceed levels you never thought possible and he’ll send grammatically correct texts, instead of using slang that you cannot understand!

I mean look at the main ‘geek’ in Social Network, he uses his intelligence to win arguments and Kick-Ass who’s hero is nerdy. Even stars like David Beckham, Kanye West and Paul Walker are joining the elite geek fashion that is owned by George Lamb and Mark Ronson. And how amazing would it be to remove those glasses and take off that bow-tie?!

Mr. Swot will also take the time to study you, remember what your favourite pizza is and what colour you most like to wear. Whereas The Alpha Male will simply forget these things, and probably forget the fact he has a girlfriend or another date that starts in ten minutes!

Every girl should date a geek, 2011 just might be the year for the anti-hunk, Mr. Geek  has a lot of potential indeed.