Understanding Men…Will We Women Ever?

Dealing with menIt is the question many women ask, many ponder and perhaps spend minutes, hours or even days trying to figure out. Will we ever understand men?


I am sure it has been the question from the beginning of time, even the Ancients were probably puzzled by it. Obviously men have a different thought process to women, different priorities and respond in many different ways. So what can we as women do to get closer to understanding men?


Well, firstly when we meet a new guy we think ahead more than they sometimes do. We gallop ahead thinking about how will our friends like him, will he like to do double-dates, let’s slow down! It is the first date and it could turn into a second or just be a good first and only date. He may have enjoyed your company but just because he may say he really liked it, does not mean he wants another date. It is not personal but sometimes just the way things go, not every date will turn into a second.


A guy may spend days talking and flirting to you on your phone, but this does not necessarily mean that he wants you to be his girlfriend. You could be a time filler, someone that is there for when he wants a cheeky flirt. It does not mean he is taking the mick with you or has led you on but rather sometimes women can lead themselves on by thinking too much into a situation. Instead just enjoy talking or flirting with a guy and if it leads to a date it does and if it does not, then there are plenty more fish in the sea to date.


If you are in a relationship with a guy and feel something is not right, or he could be cheating then 9 times out of 10 you are right! Women have strong instincts and if you feel that he is cheating then it most likely could be true. The reasons men cheat are numerous and you either want to work it out and communicate the reasons with your partner or ditch him as any man who cheats before communicating cannot possibly respect you that much.


There are some men who want a girlfriend just because they do not want to be single, and still go out with their friends and then do not answer their phone and flirt with other girls. These types of men are insecure and if he is not treating you right then the relationship is definitely not going to work. Relationships are based on an equal amount of respect and if he does not respect you enough to stop flirting with other girls then he is indeed a rotten egg!


When a guy really likes you then he will call you and he will make the effort to see you. A second and possibly third date will happen and he will take his time to get to know you. This is Mr. He Will Make The Effort. If a guy does not call you when he says he will or prolongs meeting up with you, then he is just not that into you.


The difference between men and womenAll men look at other women, and obviously women look at other men. It upsets some women when their partners do this, but this is just the way they are! It does not mean that they are going to say goodbye to you then run after the pretty girl they just glanced at. The worse thing that you could do in this situation is express your jealously or anger. If your partner does it in a subtle way then it is fine, and the way men are, as long as he does not make a spectacle out of himself. The best thing you can do is point her out first by saying how pretty she is or what a great dress she is wearing. He’ll glance and you’ll smile as he does. He’ll be very impressed that you aren’t insecure in the presence of another woman.


Looks, however, are not always the main attraction for men. It is how you present yourself that really matters. Your personality has to show through, as the things you say show much more to a date than how great you look. If you come across as pretentious or you appear uninterested when on a date, a man will move on to someone else. Playing games annoys men equally as it does women. Be friendly, but do not exaggerate anything about yourself. You never know when you are going to meet the man who is right for you and you want to be yourself right from the get go. Not a made up version of who you wish you were.


Obviously there are going to be cracks in understanding men because not every man is the same! Treat this as a starting point for you to talk to and get to know a guy individually and learn to understand him. Good Luck!