V-DAY Vouch

Girls Night Out On Valentine's DayI gave myself an aim for this year. If I was still single on Valentines 2011 I would restrain from running around like a crazy woman and cease to feel jealous whenever I seen roses or couples adoring each other. I would not try to kidnap every flower delivery person in the North-West or try to blow down every Clinton Cards in a bid to sabotage the day for everyone else.

Instead I would be content and proud that I am patient enough to wait for that Mr. He Will Make Effort, as why should I make do with any guy for the sake of celebrating one day someone decided to label ‘love day’. The idea of hiding in on a day when it is more or less about couples bores me, whereas going out in a ridiculously tight dress with sexual heels is a lot more appealing! Getting your girls around for a few glasses of wine or even going out for a good booty shake is going to liven up your spirits and make you smile more. Sulking alone infront of your television is not attractive and will not make any girl feel better about herself.

At the moment Cupid is occupied with couples so you may find yourself attempting to bag that date by yourself but by going out and looking gorgeous in the first place is going to help attract most guys attention, the smiling and social skills are down to you. So instead of hiding in a little hole or hugging your pet cat or dog for affection, ignore the labelled day and see it as a day to have fun and be confident enough to wave that single flag.