Wardrobe Must Have: The Blazer

If there’s one thing every girl should have at least one of in their wardrobe, then it’s the blazer. If you don’t have one, well, you simply don’t know what your missing!  The blazer is an absolute wardrobe must have for any fashionista or style addict.


The best thing about blazers is that they are extremely versatile, providing both style and sophistication to any occassion!


Most commonly we see the blazer as an office piece, on both working men & women, boring you might say.  However, over the years the blazer has slowly crept into many women’s wardrobes as a huge fashion statement piece, from formal wear to party wear, the blazer guarantees to add that extra finishing touch to a variety of different looks for a wide range of people.


There are many different styles of blazer and many different ways to wear them! If your looking for a more risky and edgy look, a blazer goes perfectly paired with high heels and a party frock, adding that subtle, yet edgy theme to what might be before, quite a feminine, girly or plain look. Whether you choose to keep it subtle or glam it up with statement jewellery, such as multiple over-sized rings & bangles, the party style blazer will definitely add that extra something to your evening outfit!


If that’s not your style, however, the blazer works a treat with sprucing up casual wear. Paired with jeans a t-shirt and some casual footwear such as pumps or plimsolls, the blazer adds more of an expensive and stylish look to your casual everyday clothes. This look is best worn with fitted or skinny jeans in dark colours and either oversized or layered tops/t-shirts.


Although blazers are very versatile, with so many different styles it’s a very fine line, so while it may be easy to create the perfect look,  it’s also just as easy to get it all wrong!


When choosing your perfect blazer it’s important to remember the following key things, shape & size. You need to take into account your body shape and size and decide whether a loose (boyfriend) blazer or a more fitted blazer is best, but don’t forget, it’s always fun to try out different styles so why not opt for more than one blazer to really shake up your look?


With that in mind, here are some of the top blazer styles on the high street right now: