Weight a Minute

Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright splitThe end of August saw the break-up of reality TV royalty, as TOWIE’s Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger parted ways after a 9 year rollercoaster romance. While Mark has hit out that the sex dried up and he had a problem with her figure; classy bloke, Lauren has opened up saying how hard it was dating such a good looking man. But should anyone feel this way in a relationship? I mean what is the point in being with anyone who makes you feel unequal on the looks front, when it is a tiny part of what makes a relationship work.


Lauren and Mark lived in a different world, with cameras at every turn and girls willing to throw themselves at Wrighty in the hopes of stealing him from her manicured grasp. We all have eyes, and can see that Mark is a very good looking bloke, but does that make him boyfriend material? Does it overshadow his personality (probably yes) and does it mean us woman have to constantly worry about someone else easily taking him away.


If I were in Lauren’s sky scraper shoes I would probably feel the same, but this is a reflection of self-esteem and how the ‘man of your dreams’ makes you feel; perhaps he is a dream man as everything isn’t totally real. People often talk about punching above their weight, meaning they don’t see themselves as equals in the looks department, but just because outsiders with pea sized brains are commenting on your relationship doesn’t mean those toxic thoughts should melt down your relationship.


Personally I love to see celebrity couples who you would never put together in a million years, such as Billie Piper and Chris Evans, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton, and Colleen and Wayne Rooney. Looks are not what makes a relationship work; do you really think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sit around their mansion admiring each other’s looks and saying ‘if one of us suddenly gets hit with an ugly branch then this relationship is so over!’ No, because it takes personality, laughs, thoughtfulness and chemistry on a level beyond beauty to make a real relationship work.


I had a boyfriend who constantly told me he was punching above his weight, and at the time I took it as a huge compliment, when really I should have seen it as a sign of his insecurities. Our relationship ended because of something else; him being caught with sexy picture of a work mate and lying about wanting to be with me, but this insecurity was an underlying issue.


Life’s too short to be worrying about what your other half looks like, at the end of the day you are attracted to each other, and if that means a big nose, flabby thighs and a weird clump of hair on his lower back then go with it; if your partner makes you feel insecure as you do not live up to their immense good looks, then the only way is exit for that relationship.


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