What NOT To Do In A Relationship As A Man

male dating mistakesHow to lose a girl in ten easy steps…


She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, witty, cool and most importantly, she was with you. Was being the operative word. So what exactly went wrong?


Read on and if you find that you have made 3 out of the 10 mistakes that men have been known to make, chances are you let her slip through your fingers.


Warning! This article contains no nonsense talk.



Never taking charge. Were you always expecting your girlfriend to decide when and where to meet? Did you just assume that she would take control and sort out the finer details? I bet it was really comfortable chilling out whilst she ran around arranging everything right? Wrong. Now you’re single.

Whilst equal opportunities are revered and welcomed by any girl, the last thing any of us want is another full time job as a relationship planner. So take it in turns, research and make suggestions. You’ll soon find that you’re feeding off each other which creates an easier way of life and a pleasant heap of intimacy and respect thrown in for good measure too.



No respect. It’s that word again! Sorry guys but let’s deal with this word early on to get it out of the way. Of course, respect works both ways and it really is that vital ingredient in every relationship.

Every one argues but so many couples revert to below the belt tactics and remarks to try (in vain) to reclaim lost control in a relationship.

No matter how angry you are, always refrain from petty insults, angry comments about one another’s family and friends and snide remarks.



Having no confidence. We’ve all known a person who wasn’t particularly attractive but somehow, through bags of confidence, somehow appeared to become the most attractive person you ever met. And it works both ways.

So if your confidence is pretty much non existent, you have a lot of work to do before you can possibly be with someone else.

Girls want a man who believes in himself, who knows his self worth and enjoys his own company.

Smothering your girlfriend because you’re worried about losing her, or telling a girl she’s out of your league and you can’t believe you got her is not a good look.



Not having a job. Before you all start calling us gold diggers, this isn’t because we want a man to shower us with gifts. A man with a secure job, who wakes up every morning and is a standing member of society (sorry to mention that) is as attractive as the day is long.

Of course, there are certain situations that men can’t avoid such as not having a job because they’ve just graduated and this is understandable but if you choose to stay at home whilst your girl is out working and then you have no money to do things, be assured, your days are numbered.

There are so many websites out there to help you find jobs. Check out, and



Being unhygienic. This may seem obvious but a man who has body odour, stained clothes or bad breath is all too common. A smart and clean appearance shows that you like to take care of yourself and this within itself, is attractive.

Making sure that you and your clothes are clean is not exactly rocket science and in most cases should guarantee you a second date at the least.

I once went out with a guy who showered once a week. Enough said.

P.S. Girls who go out with unhygienic men tell their friends about it.



Being too frugal with money. Generosity is an incredibly attractive trait and can sometimes be a reflection of other elements of the man’s character.

I’m not saying you should flash your cash and splurge every time you go out but showing your girlfriend that you enjoy life and live it to the fullest is a sure turn on…just make sure it’s your money and not the bank’s.



Not being spontaneous enough. Every relationship reaches the stage where romance gives way to reality and you find yourself in that dreaded rut of routine.

This is incredibly normal, however, not doing anything about it is not.

A girl likes to be surprised and as Cyndi Lauper once bellowed, girls do just really wanna have fun.

So if you want to keep the passion and excitement alive, surprise her with that weekend away, come home early from work one day for a night of passion and don’t ever just roll over and go to sleep night after night. Boredom is a powerful anathema to relationships.



Flirting with other women.Yes, we know that flirting is natural and healthy blah, blah, blah. But seeing our man hitting on another woman is front of us is an open and shut case of ‘You’re dumped!’



Being a selfish love, AKA bad in bed. Whilst it may seem tempting to roll over and go to sleep after you’ve climaxed, you may as well kiss your relationship goodbye in that very same bed.

Women are far more clued up nowadays as to what they want in bed and a satisfied-man-only does not make for a healthy sex life.

If you have trouble knowing what to do, having an open and honest relationship about needs and fantasies can not only be informative but it can also lend itself as another form of foreplay.

If you want to keep her, start spreading the love.



Not showing that you love her. You might really think you do, you might tell your friends that you do and you might never want anyone else again but if you don’t show her that you love her, then she’ll never know.

Telling her is an obvious one but showing her in subtle ways on a daily basis will result in a more secure relationship. Little thoughtful notes, gifts, listening to her and remembering what she has said, asking her questions about her day, what she has done and what she’s thinking will all result in a big smile on her face…and surely that’s what brightens your day, right?