Will It Work This Time?

break upsSome relationships fizzle out after time, some last for many years and some are on and off for a while. For the ones that end and are over and done with, you just have to move on and hope that next time you get it right. For the ones that last for years these are the ones that you admire, seeing a little old-aged couple walking down the street or sitting on a park bench, looking happy as ever together.
What happens if you’re in a relationship and things go bad between you, you split, then your ex wants to get back together? Do you say no and move one? Or, do you go back to the ex? You’re stuck in the dilemma of what to do?


I have experienced this first hand and it is a difficult one to answer especially if you’re so much in love with that person that you are willing to do anything to keep them. I was with an ex on and off for about 2 years. In this time we had split up several times, always him ending things as he would become interested in other girls and want to go out with them or sometimes it was just because he would huff if we had been arguing. Every time he would end things I would sob my heart out for days and be heartbroken as at the time I believed he was my one true love.


Then a week or so later he would tell me he loved me and that he wanted to get back together. He would say the same stuff, that someone usually does when they are trying to get round you. Like a mug I would allow him back into my life, my heartache and misery just continued so the same thing would continue happening. Eventually I had enough and I was the one who ended things. It was a hard and upsetting time, but it was the best thing I  did as it allowed me to move on and find someone special who wanted me for me.


My advice for people who find themselves in this kind of yo-yo relationship would be to completely end the relationship after two break ups as it’s only going to end in heartache for you. Generally these types of relationships don’t last so why continue to put yourself through misery to try and keep a hold of that person. Your best option is to move on and find someone who will make you happy and who will want you no matter what. There is no point wasting time on someone who clearly just wants you when it suits them.


By Emma Routledge