When does online shopping mean everything to gain and nothing to lose?  When the online store creates an easy, hassle-free, safe way to browse, buy and return all of its items.  Thank you, Zalando.


Entering the UK market recently, Zalando has already made its mark with its effective TV advertising campaign.  Upon seeing the advert one can’t help but think, “Shoes, ooooh.  Let’s check this out.”  When you do go to their website – – you realise they’re big!   That and the fact that they sell so much more than shoes – tops, dresses, trousers, coats, bags, underwear, beauty care, sportswear and even mobile phone cases.  Whether you are shopping for a male or female, old or young…  the choice is absolutely huge.


When you first come across the website you might be inclined to have a slight mental block over the fact that that there are very few garments modelled by humans.  Delve further and you realise that it matters not.  For one, the fact that the modelled clothes rarely look or fit as seen on the pictures renders this attribute less important than first supposed.  More importantly, however, once you see how many good quality images they have for each item and how superb the clarity on the zoom is with a simple hover over the image you’ll not be bothered.  The images reveal exactly what the items look like from just about as many angles as a girl, or guy, could need.


Without a shadow of a doubt Zalando will become huge within the UK, just like ASOS, and just as Zalando already is within Germany.  It not only caters for him and her but the items range from basics to branded clothing and with free shipping and free returns you can try the items out in your own personal changing room.


What’s more, the website offers the facility to request a notification when the size you want is out of stock.  Quick and simple, you select your size, type your name and type your email address.  Easy and really useful!  Oh, and not to forget, you can actually ring their free phone number and speak to a human being!


Zalando stock fashion items, they stock a lot of them, and they stock the latest trends.  Speaking of which, we haven’t forgotten our fashion loving following.  Check out these hot buys we selected with you LoveScene readers in mind.  You can click the links below the images to take you through to the products.  Enjoy!


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This funny video depicts women chatting enthusiastically about Zalando’s clothes and shoes at a most inopportune moment. Well worth a watch:


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