How You Doin’?

Matt LeBlancWhen Friends star Matt LeBlanc recently visited London he was left out in the cold by a hot model after trying out his character’s famous chat up line.


Trainee teacher Jo Spyrou caught the eye of the 44 year old American in the Amika nightclub in Kensington, West London, earlier in the month. The 22 year old told the Daily Star that the Joey actor turned to her and said ‘What ya doin?’ in the same tone that his character used to speak.


She said to the newspaper: ‘In the show he used to say ‘How ya doin’ but other than that it was exactly the same.’


After a few friendly photographs, the two Jo’s parted ways giving Matt the opportunity to polish up his seduction technique.


So another chat up line bites the dust begging the question; do one liners actually ever work?


As it’s the season to be jolly no doubt most of us will face the awkward moment of an alcohol fuelled slur-diction, and these christmas-cracker-joke endeavours can be the highlight of a girls night out.


The success of such attempts to laugh us into bed or merely break the ice can become legendary tales with a group of friends, so I say keep them coming! At least it’s more entertaining than having mistletoe shoved over your head.


Here are a few tried and tested wintery one liners from some regular Joes…


Lee from Eastbourne: ‘Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice… .’ Apparently his girlfriend Sami loved it.


Tom from Blackpool: ‘Your accent gives me goosebumps.’ A less imaginative attempt at showing American tourist Annie his English charm.


Kal from Manchester: ‘You’re on my naughty list’. The alternative to his original chat up line that was too crude to repeat.