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Gaga’s Bulimia Battle

Lady Gaga has opened up about her battle with bulimia as a teen. The 25-year-old revealed her past experience with the eating disorder to a women’s conference in California.   Speaking of the illness, she said: “It’s easier for me to talk about it now because I don’t do it anymore. I used to throw [...]

‘Psychotic’ Madonna Stalker Escapes

A man who was convicted of harassing Madonna has escaped from a psychiatric unit in California.   Robert Dewey Hoskins received a 10-year prison sentence in 1996 after he broke into the singer’s home and threatened to slit her throat.   Hoskins was later released from prison and sent to a mental health facility in [...]

Lagerfeld Apologises to Adele

Karl Lagerfeld has issued a statement to Adele after labelling the singer a little “too fat” in a recent interview with the Metro.   The designer received a huge backlash for his hurtful comments and has since issued an apology:   “I’d like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer. Sometimes when [...]

Sealed with a smile

Katie Perry has signed legal documents with a smiley face after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. The couple, who were married for a grand total of 14 months before announcing their split in December have reportedly reached a ‘comprehensive written settlement’. Katy’s positive attitude could be down to Brand, who, despite not signing a [...]

Katie Piper Regains Sight

Former model Katie Piper has undergone successful pioneering eye surgery to improve her vision.   The surgery has allowed Piper, 28, to see shapes and colours after previously having blurred vision.   Speaking about the surgery she said: “I can see movement, I can see shapes – if someone holds their hand up I can [...]

Is the Rise and Rise of Young Stars Getting Out of Hand?

We now live in a world where the names ‘One Direction’ and ‘Justin Bieber’ have become commodities, with the singers’ surges of adoring fans taking up the entire Twittersphere and solidifying their omnipresence in society. Flick on the telly-box and you’ll see eleven year-old Willow Smith gyrating, log onto Youtube and you’ll find Justin Bieber’s [...]

Madonna in Couture at Superbowl

If there was one reason to watch the Superbowl last night, Madonna’s return was definitely one of them. Her much anticipated performance at the American sporting event was a spectacle of marching bands, a choir, guest vocals and three different outfit changes.   Madonna rocked some of her classic tunes such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Like [...]

Could Tulisa Be The New Enid Blyton?

There’s always going to be scepticism when a celebrity announces that they’re going to play author and craft their own novel with ‘hands of inexperience’. Doubters happily go out of their way to discourage the star with harsh comments, outwardly exhibiting a lack of hope in their ability, demanding that they stick to their trade, [...]

Harvey vs Cheryl

Former So Solid Crew member MC Harvey has claimed in an interview with Now magazine that he and Cheryl Cole ‘shared a special bond’ months after her split from Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.   Harvey, real name Michael Harvey Jnr, hit out at the Girls Aloud star on Twitter, insisting he had emails to support [...]

Deschanel Dubbed ‘Most Desirable’ In Recent Lads’ Poll

Here’s a humbling message to all girls in a relationship: don’t fret if your man pins up a new raunchy poster of a sizzling starlet, because it seems that implied sexiness is now indubitably reigning supreme.   Just recently, Zooey Deschanel, the ‘New Girl’, quirky love interest in 500 Days of Summer and the shy apple [...]

Geri Halliwell Launches Union Jack Clothing Range

It was one of the most memorable outfits in the history of British Pop, and now Geri Halliwell has taken inspiration for her latest fashion venture straight from her iconic Union Jack dress.   The former Spice Girl created a media storm back in 1997, when she took to the stage at the Brit awards [...]

Miquita Oliver Files For Bankruptcy

  She’s was well known for popping up on our screens each weekend to present shows like T4 and popworld, but the quirky presenter that has been abscent from our screens for a while now has recently filed for bankruptcy. It has been revealed that Miquita Oliver, best friend of Lily Allen, has run up [...]

Geordies Revealed As Biggest Flirts!

A UK study surrounding relationship trends, has found married Geordies in their thirties are the nation’s biggest flirts.   52 per cent of the Newcastle naughty’s are said to be ‘over-friendly’ in the workplace, aiming suggestive glances or smiles at colleagues.  While others choose to send a variety of flowers to display their affection.   [...]

Harry Styles Tipped As Top Dog

The UK X Factor 2010 saw five young aspiring boys put together as equals, to form the boy band One Direction.   But, in a bid to crack the American audience, One Direction‘s U.S. management are trying to make Harry Styles into the lead singer, with sources stating boy bands in America with a recognised [...]

Del Ray divides opinion

Since arriving onto the scene last year with popular single Video Games, Lana Del Ray has divided opinion with her album, ‘Born to Die’, as well as fuelled rumours about previous album releases.   The 25-year-old initially released an independent album under her own name, Elizabeth Grant.   The name change has only contributed to [...]

Desperate Scousewives Axed!

Liverpool based reality show Desperate Scousewives, was expected to give The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore a run for ratings, until it has now been rumoured the Channel 4 based program will not be returning for a second series.   The Scousewives cast have received a mixed reaction from viewers [...]

Life After Reality Shows – Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari and More

The box set may still be packed away, waiting for one of those rainy days; for those bad times where gorgeous weather, bellissima handbags, and people so beautiful it hurts, are being craved like the last box of cookies, but The Hills stars very much have their foot on the pedal – even if not [...]

Not So Equal

If you saw a woman in her forties with grey hair what would your first thought be? Perhaps that she needed to hide these signs of aging, or be impressed at someone not feeling the need to be ashamed about getting older.   If you’re a man though, rather than pity or shock, it seems [...]

Steve Jones & Nicole Scherzinger Sacked From US X Factor

It looks like things aren’t go so well over on the US X Factor, as Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger have been axed from the show.   Rumours of Steve Jones’ dismissal have been circulating for a while now, but yesterday it was confirmed he will not return to the show next year, along with [...]

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Take Teen Vogue!

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are definitely following in their older sisters footsteps, as they bag a photoshoot for major magazine Teen Vogue and not just a spread, but the cover too!   And the girls seem more than thrilled with their accomplishment, as they take to their blog to announce the news, they said: [...]