The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Reese and Jake GyllenhaalAs we relentlessly stumble on the path towards Mr. Right we’re bound to bump into a few Mr. Right-Now’s and the odd Mr. Wrong as we go. Women know instinctively from the first time we meet a man whether he’s the one, because let’s face it, we’re all looking for that love-at-first-sight movie moment. It’s easy to get caught up in a relationship though with a man you just kind of like…and why not, it’s just a bit of fun along the way.


The problem with getting involved is, as we all know, the woman is likely to end up the one most hurt – but we’re not about to start doing things by halves any time soon. Knowing the type of man you’re dating, however, could be the key to making the most of that fun we should be having and, even better, lead to a heart-ache free break if a quick get away is needed.


‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ theory places men under one of the three titles based on how YOU feel towards them (no psychoanalysis or searching ex-girlfriends on Facebook required). One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and sometimes comparing your feelings about a man to a friend’s can end in confusion. So by keeping it clear in your own head what you can expect from the relationship we can save going round in a few circles.


The Good
Sometimes a guy comes along who’s too good to be true. Often is the case in this situation that the man harbours stronger feelings for you than you do for him (one of life’s great mysteries!). Take a look at when Reese Witherspoon was dating Jake Gyllenhaal, not many people could find fault with the Prince of Persia actor but Reese didn’t think he was the one. When the good times started to slow down for Witherspoon she wasn’t afraid to count her losses and do what was right for her. By being honest and open with the gorgeous Mr.G she was able to walk away from the relationship with her head held high and, not only that, bagged herself another stunning man, producer Tim Toth, who she married a year later.


The Bad
Ah, the ones who are simply misunderstood in our eyes. The men when we describe them to our friends we finish by saying ‘…but he’s actually really nice’. Case in point – Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, an extreme example but it’s the ultimate case of ‘what were you thinking?’ Be prepared for bust-ups, break-ups and a bit of self-destruction. But if you can’t handle the heat don’t jump into the fire and remember no happily-ever-after involved a stint in rehab. Like Kate, taking on a man like this will require some great friends with a lot of patience.


The Ugly
Here lie the relationships we can’t even explain ourselves (momentary loss of sanity covers a multitude of sins). Like serial offender Sienna Miller, no logic is seen behind these dates and the people around will be wondering ‘where’s your head at?’ The theory may be- trying something new, but if something feels like it’s missing, maybe soul searching a little closer to home and spending a bit of me time would be a better idea.


Closing words have to come from the inspiring Reese Witherspoon: “You never lose anything in a relationship, you always learn something’.