The One That Got Away

Russell Brand and Katy PerryCall me naïve, but I genuinely believed that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were the real deal. Perhaps I was living in a ‘teenage dream’ world, but there were definite fireworks between the two of them and it seemed Rusty Rockets only wanted to kiss one girl for the rest of his life and liked it.


When I admit that they were my pedestal couple; the one romance I’d want mine to aspire to, people often scoff and roll their eyes. “But it was never going to work, they were so different and he was never going to be a one woman man.” After putting my fingers in my ears and doing the ‘la la la not listening’ routine, I started to think: Are these people right? Were they right all along? Can a marriage based on only 6 months of knowing each other really go the distance?


I am a true romantic and a very sensual person, so whirlwind romances and tales of a lothario finally settling down always sends my heart in a flutter and adds fuel to the fire of my Cinderella love story aspirations. Katy Perry met Russell Brand at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, when she threw a plastic bottle as his head as he was rehearsing; Brand claims he was in love from that point and knew he wanted to marry her from the very first date. To many this may seem crazy, how can you possibly know this from one date? But to me it is poetic, perfect and something which I could see myself doing if the feeling was there.


The conventional way of dating is extremely boring to me; the interview technique, awkward silences, will they call me the next day?, we have only been together 2 months so we can’t possibly live together or go on holiday, I mean what would everyone else think? Screw what they think, if the feeling is there; that passionate consuming feeling when you want to spend time with that person.  Go with it as many people only end up regretting the things that they do not do.


The relationship with Katy and Russell seemed untouchable, you could see he had met his match and she was totally in love with his intelligence and charm, but I still don’t believe that the failing of their marriage came down to a whirlwind romance; you can be with someone for years and not feel an inkling of passion yet still marry them, have children, and stay as you don’t want to be alone.


That’s not the life I signed up for, and I would rather have my heart broken ten times from passionate encounters than settle for a luke warm love affair, and at least I have Beyonce and Jay Z as my back up pedestal couple; if they fail then I will be well and truly awoken from my fairy tale.