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Amanda Blake

A writer from West London who likes to look at subjects from a slightly different perspective to most, whether in relation to fashion or anything else. Ideas can originate from a lot of places but the important thing is what you do with them.

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Anita Wong

Anita Wong is an English graduate with a love for writing that never quite left her since she started at age fourteen. Along with maintaining her blog, she enjoys fashion (whether from the runway or a car boot sale), cooking, and laughing at her attempts at writing at age fourteen and above. When she isn’t making and eating macaroons, she is pursuing her wish to eventually write features for a lifestyle magazine. Find her and her blog at and come say hello!

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Anna Sarjeant

In an attempt to avoid the double-dip depression in Europe, I've moved to Auckland for a year or two. Currently working as a Content Editor for Auckland Council and worked previously as a Copywriter for a travel website - a lot more glamorous! Bu I love living in Auckland; there's always something to do in this city. I also enjoy reading, illustration and eating Timtams which if you've ever been over here, you'll know how stupidly addictive they are - more so than Jaffa Cakes!!!!!!!!!

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Ash Mutton

I’m 21 year old English Literature and Language student who is in constant turmoil between spending my loan on clothes or books. Whichever I choose, I like them retro, old, vintage, classic, whatever you wish to call it. My other loves are Chinese beer, KFC and music. I’m a poorly spoken Cumbrian, now residing in Salford, enjoying writing for magazines on the side of studying.

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Cat Allan

I’m a 21 year old English Language student and aspiring writer, born and bred in the North West. I seem to spend most of my money on over-priced make-up, fashion magazines and clothes I’ll never wear more than once. I have a passion for writing and fashion – whether it’s about the latest trend, style advice or my own wayward musings about personal fashion dilemmas – I like to write about it. I’m also partial to folk music, tattoos, and constantly changing my hair. The plan is to eventually live it up in London writing for some glossy mag – well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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I was originally born in the US but moved to England when at a young age and have lived in both South and North England. I am an aspiring journalist and an amateur photographer. Currently I am finishing my degree at Sheffield Hallam in English. My two great loves are my boyfriend and my cat Discobelle. I would find it difficult to live without my friends and good food. I have a blog that I try to keep up to date as regularly as possible:

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Charlotte Barnes

Charlotte is about to embark on a new life journey, having just finished her Undergraduate degree, she will soon be kick-starting her life as an MA student with the hope of completing a PhD afterwards. With a brain that never seems to switch off for longer than a few seconds (this only usually happens when distracted by chocolate) she is frequently sucked into conversations and private musings about romantic relationships, usually revolving around questions such as 'Should I call him first?' and 'Do you think it's time for me to walk away?' You can read all of her perspectives on romantic politics in our dating section.

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Cheyenne Taylor

An English Language graduate dreaming of New York and trying to curb a penchant for iced lattes and celeb drama. Mainly driven by the desire to one day own a glasses collection that would put Gok Wan to shame. Part-time sales associate, part-time jewellery collector, my time is unequally divided between wistful thinking, writing and satiating my thirst for earrings. I won’t say how unequally.

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Chris Bible

I’m a bargain shopper, fashion editor and blogger. My specialist categories on LoveScene Magazine are Fashion and Celebrity News. I love classic and unorthodox styles with a touch of vintage. When I’m not writing or shopping I’m on the hunt for my next story or refinishing antique furniture. Yes I'm totally Team DIY projects! Feel free to visit my blog:

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Claire Skegg

When I was a child I loved spending hours dressing up in my Grandma’s gorgeous, vintage jewellery and playing on her old typewriter that made the most charming sounds when you punched the keys and reset the carriage. I would write adventure stories about me and my friends or imagine I worked for a glamorous magazine in New York, writing columns and features about my childhood woes. Growing up with such a romantic imagination has not always lead me to happy endings but the adventures I’ve been on with my friends along the way have given me plenty of writing inspiration and shown who the loves of my life really are. For now I’m 22, single, living in my very own New York- Manchester, and collecting a gorgeous wardrobe to one day share with my granddaughter.

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Daniella Doherty

A recent History graduate, soon to be celebrating my 21st lease of life and joining the working world. My desire for clothes exceeds any possible bank balance I will ever have in life, and so too does my list of places to travel. I even managed to combine my passion for History and fashion in my dissertation topic by looking at the power of dress. A proud owner of twenty-two different chiffon shirts and an increasing supply of blazers. ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to write it’ – Winston Churchill.

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Dawn Wood

Hi there! I’m Dawn, I’m 26 and my specialist category to write about is Fashion. I enjoy all things Fashion and Photography related, experimenting with custom nail art, bold make-up looks, reading Fashion/Lifestyle magazines, drinking coffee and dancing to Motley Crue! I have a passion for Rock and Metal music, enjoy rockin’ out at gigs and live with my writer/musician boyfriend in Preston (Although I am a Liverpudlian!) I am constantly keeping myself updated with what happens in the Creative industries and one day (with a little help from my own perseverance) I hope to make it as a Magazine Journalist. Follow my personal blog at:

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Dolly Jamila

Manchester based fashion writer with a love for vintage styles, tea in mugs, and Chanel. I wish I lived in the 1960s. I always wear heels; something I will undoubtedly regret in later life, when I am having difficulty walking. My writing is usually based around quirky items I have found in dingy vintage shops, or street style. My hair is my life; hiding behind the bowl cut. Please read, and follow me on twitter: dollyjduffy I hope you enjoy my writing, darlings.

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Elaine Hargreaves

Walking around picking up the fragments that curiosity helped me to find resulted in an unmanageable amount of clothing hung, folded and packed into every nook and cranny of my flat. I am a twenty four year old from Newcastle living in Manchester with a degree in Fashion, a passion for Textiles and currently working within a footwear merchandising team. I love to be involved with anything creative, whether its writing fashion blogs, making jewellery, drawing or designing prints for clothing and home accessories. I love trend spotting and comparing high street and designer fashion.

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I’m 28 years old and utterly incapable of holding an emotion or idea inside my head. I have come to recognise that my ‘filter’ especially in relationships is broken, just ask the innocent man who is now my boyfriend. Life, love, relationships how they work and why they don’t both fascinate and bewilder me in equal measure. I have been described as having a whimsical approach to life which I think was meant as a criticism but I quite like! Important things? Love (however cynical I may seem), music, literature. Life lessons I have gathered so far? Honesty is key, and value your real friends because without mine I really have no idea where I’d be!

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Emily Cairnduff

A southern fairy at heart based in the ‘sunny city of Leeds’. Like most women I’m obsessed with the obvious and have little or no self control when it comes to shoes and handbags. I do however, attempt to save money and love finding a bargain as there’s nothing better than responding to a compliment with ‘thanks, £5.00 in a sale’. There is however a clear line between penny pinching and bargain hunting and naturally I don’t thrift with items you shouldn’t such as Helman’s Mayonnaise and Fairy liquid.

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'Whenever I date a guy, I think, "Is this the guy I want my children to spend their weekends with?"'- Rita Rudner Everything will work itself out, apart from the relationship. Emma is shortly to complete her degree in English and Creative Writing at John Moores University. She lives in Liverpool and is rather proud of the single and rather crazy life she lives. You will probably bump into her on a night out in Liverpool, she is searching for her next story that she can turn into a cynical sarcastic tale of singledom.

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Life is too much of a gift to sweat the little stuff.......

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Hanna Fowler

I'm 19 years old, currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. I love art, photography, great films, spending time with my amazing friends, bickering with my favourite sister and being silly with my mum. I'm my own worse critic, always determined to do better, be better and achieve more. Hopefully, in the future I can continue writing and continue to work within a team of visual, creative people who share the same passions I have.

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Hannah Lee

Thirty six pairs of shoes, twenty three bags and an obsession with lipstick, designers and the role that clothing plays in defining generations fascinates me. I am a lover of style who has the unfortunate problem of a very tiny wardrobe. I have a degree in English and I am a passionate writer with a dream of my work inspiring films. I am also an adventurous explorer who once made a pair of flip flops go with every single outfit for a whole six months.

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Hannah Renowden

Hannah Renowden graduated from Greenwich University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Media Writing. She writes about popular culture, fashion and food in her blogs. When not writing she works as a Children’s Bookseller. Having spent most of her life pottering about in the south of England she now lives in Glasgow and is a bit cold. Read her personal mind mince at

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Hannah Symons

A twenty-something English undergraduate at the University of Leeds embroiled in a long-standing, illicit love affair with Ryanair. Recently returned from studying abroad in Spain for a year. Copy Ed for an online university women’s’ magazine. Part-time sybarite, and flogger of diamonds & shoes to fund her next (permanent) escape. Full-time aficionado of fur, hyphenation and the Spanish language.

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I love writing, adore Fashion and dating stories can be an adults scary story before bedtime. I scribbled out 'must save for driving lessons' on my to do list and replaced it with 'must save for Jimmy Choos'. A degree in Sociology and experience in Fashion, I live for putting my creativity to paper. Chocolate controls me, as does most food, and music is what feelings sound like, that's why I dance like no one is watching.

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18 year old, but not your typical teenager! I love all things creative and of course all things fashion & celebrity! I have wanted to be a journalist since I was a young girl sitting in my wendy house writing stories! Maybe I'll write for a big New York magazine one day... I can dream, right?

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Jo Davis

Achieving as much as possible in little time. An aspiring journalist with a loyalty to vintage clothing, bright lip colours and the all-round atmosphere of the media. I am a 19 year old original Geordie, borderline adult but still young enough to postpone becoming 20. Currently living in Leeds studying an undergraduate journalism degree, but heading towards the bigger buzz of London to pursue everything I am working towards. A great lover of festivals, fashion, film, music and culture, of which I hold experience in each. “This world is but canvas to our imaginations.” - Henry David Thoreau.

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Kate James

I dated, I got engaged, I married, I got divorced, I dated again, I got engaged again, I'm now married again with two beautiful daughters, and occasionally I remember to breathe! By day I'm a merchandiser for a well known beauty range.....which has obvious perks!

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Katie Wilson

Katie is a northerner currently living in South East London. She has previously worked for The Big Issue in the North, Heat Magazine and several daily newspapers. She has also worked in TV as a Researcher...but her heart is in writing and journalism.

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Kelly Holgate

A 27 year old freelance writer and lover of all things romantic. Just like my first class Journalism degree, I want to find a first class man who has the banter, unique looks and creative spirit to have me coming back for more, but kissing all those frogs in-between means more inspiration for my blog and more advice for those ladies who feel hard done by when it comes to the hairier sex. Love is all I know, and writing about it is what I do.

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Student. Bad philanthropist. My idol is Charlie Brooker, it is not George Michael. I tweet far far too much. Currently studying Linguistics at UoM, aspiring journalist and lover of all things warm, edible and easy to open.

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Laura C Phillips

I'm Laura, 24 years old and a true Londoner (yes, we really do exist!) A writer from the word 'go', I wrote my first book aged 4 on some craft paper in Miss Cook's reception class. It was about a cat doing a jig. Something of a nomad, I'm always dreaming of the exotic. For two and a half years I found myself basking in sun and political turmoil in Amazing Thailand's northern mountain city of Chiang Mai. It was here that I acquired my knowledge of the mysterious underworld that is known as 'dating'. Somehow landed the ideal job of SEO and travel writing for a Thai travel site. And I've not stopped writing and travelling since! Follow me on Twitter! @LCPhillips88 And on Instagram, lcphillips88

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Liz Hewitt

Hi I’m Liz and I imagine that this is what writing a “personal add” must feel like. I’m a freelance journalist who graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2010 with a degree in Journalism and a love of all things fashion! I’m also an avid tea drinker, clicking the kettle on, I kid you not, about 20 times a day! I’m also unfortunately a TERRIBLE, dreadful, abysmal and any other adjective that conveys all things atrocious in the kitchen! To me there is no place more foreign than a kitchen and I’m renowned amongst my friends as a great friend (I’m sure) but a really cataclysmically bad cook. I’m the only person I know who could burn a pot noodle and successfully blow up a microwave with a mince pie, enveloping the entire flat in billowing black smoke! I’m an aspiring novelist and broadcast journalist and I love all things chocolatey. I also have a major dress fixation rivalled only by my best friend who studies Chemistry at Oxford and an obsession with Ian Somerhalder and his piercing blue eyes.

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Lucy Sanderson

Lucy Sanderson is a freelance writer, music journalist and a daydreamer. Her days are filled with feeding her dual addictions of internet dating and charity shopping, in between baking cakes and talking to cats. Her love for going to gigs has been the focus of her creative life for the past few years, but she is tentatively venturing out to discuss her love life and generally disastrous dating experiences on LoveScene. Always an optimist and a true Disney enthusiast, she knows that there will be a happy ending one of these days.

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I am Maya and I am a lover of fashion, Sex and the City, and celebrity news. It is no wonder I write for LoveScene Magazine! I love my laptop, blogging and being creative with my wardrobe. My favourite lazy pass-time is browsing magazines, online and offline with a glass of wine as the rain beats down on the skylights. xx

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I’m a fashion writer from the with a passion for feature writing, observational type musings and the odd thought provoking polemic. And shoes.

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Natalie Vass

Natalie Jayne Vass is currently studying English Language (BA) at the University of Manchester with hopes to pursue a fashion journalism career. A writer and contributor for the Mancunion, the university’s student newspaper, and a fortunate receiver of a placement at her local newspaper the York Press, Natalie's love for writing has been spurred on and on. The fashion section of LoveSceneonline is of most interest to her and she hopes to detail the good, the bad and the ugly of today's fashion parade. Although, celebrity news is a guilty pleasure of hers as E! News and OK magazine satisfies her curiosity for the rich and famous culture.

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Nina Francesca

I am a 21 year old English graduate who aspires to have a career in fashion journalism and live in New York City (think Carrie Bradshaw). I adore anything fashion related and have a particular passion for losing myself in the pages of Elle and Vogue. I’m also the author of ‘Nina Francesca’ at where I share my passion for clothes and beautiful things.

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Rachel Giovanna Capper

I’m a 25-year-old media and journalism graduate from the University of Chester. Since the joy of a student loan I have a slight obsession with fashion; my enthusiasm often leaves me penniless but happy. Writing about high fashion makes me feel that bit closer to it; I have a devout addiction to Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and treat my Chanel handbag like a baby, (it drives upfront). Nandos has a special place in my heart, along with my new fiance!! Disney happy endings are real; you just have to know where to look.

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Born and bred Mancunian. BA English Language. A penchant for whimsical wittering’s on all manner of sartorial subject matter. Have a ganders at my blog -

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Talk to random people on the tube, eat three slices of cake, look up at the sky when you're walking, say yes to everything and fall in love with everyone you meet. 28 years of reading, writing, seeing and loving...some time later and I'm still as curious as I ever was, teaching and writing as much as time allows me to. I was born and bred in London; a city which re-captures me every now and then amidst written words. The dating game? I've been there, come back and all I got was...a great job writing about it.

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Sass Cassidy

A thirty-something writer from Manchester, Sarah is married with two sons. Assertive, opinionated, hardworking, a degree in media and a true perfectionist Sarah is enjoying combining her day job with her real passions - photography and writing.

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Shipra Jain

Well, to talk about myself, I am just an ordinary girl from a less ordinary city. I belong to research sector and work in the area of physics. I don’t have any specific likings or disliking. I have a transient nature and may be because of that my likings and disliking varies with time. Nowadays, I spend most of my time in thinking and writing. Being a science student, I like to observe and experiment a lot. To be precise, observing people and nature, and experimenting new things. Just like the slogan of this magazine: I love life more than anything, more than anyone. And now I am here on this website to share some perky as well as dense stuffs related to life, dating, relationships and breakups. Happy reading. Still want to know more about me? Find me here-

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I've been around since the 80's and can often be found reading, writing, running or raving. Or scouting for new nail varnish shades - but that doesn't fit in with the 'R' sound alliteration I had going on there... Born in Somerset, recently bred in Manchester (therefore predisposed to a fondness for the delicious hybrid of Oasis and cider), I enjoy writing about the easiest topic in the world. My own thoughts.

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Steph Nissen

Steph has lived and loved a LOT, and is now taking the time to figure out exactly what she wants from life. Swinging between celibacy, dating, love and exasperation for the last 2 years, she is trying to practise what she preaches. She would love to be a cross between Carrie and Angelina, writing about all the important issues in life - whether depilating or womens rights in the developing world.

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Susie and Otto Collins

As Breakthrough Relationship Coaches, soul mates, and life partners, we are passionate about making this world a more loving place by teaching people about how to create love and spark that lasts. We are co-authors of “Magic Relationship Words” ,“Stop Talking on Eggshells”, “No More Jealousy" and many other books, audios and programs. Our free ebook “Passionate Spark~Lasting Love” is available at

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Toni Gregory

I am city girl at heart who has accidentally ended up living in the country. My articles may be full of sarcasm, awkward humour and cringing honesty, but every now and then I actually make sense. I am a dating and relationship writer who has penned advice columns, a blog and now articles for LoveScene whilst working full time in marketing and volunteering at Celia Hammond animal rescue. But don’t worry, I always make time for a few cheeky cocktails.

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Victoria Beech

I am 20 years old and a bit of a daydreamer. When i am not talking people to death with my opinions i am writing about them, or anything else that pops into my head. Therefore it is only natural that i dream of becoming a professional writer. Loves; music, fashion, creative writing, living in London, the sea, celebrity gossip, American television, diva's, laughing, my friends and family, people watching, food, glossy magazines, singing at the top of my lungs, dancing like no one is watching, the unexpected, getting lost in a book, any film starring Colin Firth and living life to the full.

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