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Preparing Yourself For A Relationship

We get dressed up, go on dates, let ourselves feel vulnerable, because ultimately we’re looking for someone who “gets” us – from our silly jokes and our strange taste in films, to a deeper understanding, like why we worry about our mums. But if you keep on experiencing those stop-start relationships, or you constantly find [...]

Imani Studio London Arrives

Imani Studio London has, after much anticipation, graced the streets of London!   The high end designer boutique specialising in Eastern Couture is set to boom in the fashion loving capital and if the recent launch weekend is anything to go by, the success of the store will be unprecedented.  Known for being contacted by [...]

Sex Toys On A First Date?

When considering sex toys for couples it is more often thought that they are a good way to “spice things up” after couples have been together for a while. Perhaps a need arises to experiment in order to revive their sexual appetite and experience new ways of love making. You may be surprised to know that [...]

Imani Studio To Launch Second Store in London

  After the recent infusion of East Asian fashion on the catwalks, with the likes of kimonos and obi belts, it was becoming predictable that influences from South Asia would soon be on the horizon.  It has now been about eight years since the last time we saw traditional Indian/Pakistani fashion being integrated within western [...]


When does online shopping mean everything to gain and nothing to lose?  When the online store creates an easy, hassle-free, safe way to browse, buy and return all of its items.  Thank you, Zalando.   Entering the UK market recently, Zalando has already made its mark with its effective TV advertising campaign.  Upon seeing the [...]

Imani Studio

When we think of high fashion names such as Oscar De La Renta, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenburg and Versace come to mind.  This is not necessarily the case when you are a celebrity.  For celebrities who want to seek out something a little bit different, be it for a red carpet event or their wedding [...]

Love Lila: Funky Online Boutique

Fashion forward and affordable… now that’s what we fashion lovers like!   Love LiLa is one of those online shops that ignores the faff and gets straight to the heart of fresh, funky fashion.  The quality of the current site may not be the best but I am told there’s a much slicker one on [...]

Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer: Sve Fashion

Hitting Tarporley High street last month was a new fresh fashion boutique Sve selling all one-off bespoke pieces tailored to suit all ages. Sve celebrates the strength and power of women in her sleek lines and flattering cuts. The launch night of this super chic boutique was a huge success. Champagne flowed, delicate music played, [...]