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Alcohol Poisoning Confirmed Cause Of Amy Winehouse’s Death

As suspected by her family, friends & her fans, it has today been confirmed that alcohol poisoning was the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death.   The troubled singer was more than five times the legal drink-drive limit when she died earlier this year, an inquest has confirmed.   The inquest took place at London’s St [...]

Bye Bye Booze!

I made a vow today, to stop drinking. I am finding daily that my drinking is becoming more and more, and while I think I am at no stage even close to an addiction I do think it is helping me in making stupid choices. Such as who to argue with, which person to abuse [...]

Alcohol: The cause but really the solution?

Why is it acceptable for alcohol to be the reason people hook up, either for a one night stand or even for something that grows? It loosens the tongue, amongst other things, and lowers the inhibitions. Your vision is blurred and your reactions AND your senses are dulled, slowed and pretty much made useless. This [...]