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The Best Dressed Sports Person of the Year

If you were tuned into to BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year yesterday evening you’re likely to agree that last nights ceremony wasn’t just about personality. We’re used to seeing footballers arrive by coach at football grounds suited and booted before a match but this year we have been so engrossed in The London 2012 [...]

Kate Middleton: What To Wear?

Just a few days have passed since the world’s loveliest couple Will’s and Kate announced the fantastic news that they’re expecting a baby but fashion gurus are already queuing up to give the Duchess advice on the unfamiliar territory of maternity clothing. Kate has become a style icon worldwide; she is known for her classic, [...]

Dana Lorenz Spring/Summer 2012 Jewellery Collection

Over-sized rings, magpie attracting earrings, armour-esque necklaces and tough cuffs, I own almost every piece of costume jewellery going.   This infatuation is beginning to get out of control however, and at times I do scare myself. Needless to say I have found another collection of jewellery to fall hopelessly in love with that goes [...]

A Different Shade of Blue

‘Feeling blue’ seems to have a whole new meaning this spring/summer 2012. No longer will it be associated with sad moods but with striking colours that would even put a peacock to shame!   Spring is inviting the Mediterranean and cobalt blues, as well as the aqua’s and navy’s to bring a sense of freshness [...]

Making Waves

Although most of us are still recovering from the festive season, the fashion world is a step ahead as usual after launching the spring collections months ago. In Paris, Chanel showed off their spectacular collection, inspired by nature’s own oceans. Each model appeared to have been dipped into a magical fashion sea, coming out covered [...]

The Good, The Great and The Even Better

2011 was packed to the rafters with fashion events that left us whirling. What better way to honour a year of major style headlines than by revisiting the top five that surpassed our expectations and touched our hearts. From ethereal runway shows to the wedding of the year and that dress. Here are some of the best fashions hits [...]

Cowl Craze

The plunging neckline may be enjoying a moment in the spotlight, but there are always other options. The current alternative, other than the formidable polo neck is by way of the cowl; low cut or subtly draped to reveal décolletage.   Just look at the options: from Alexander McQueen’s red crepe dress teamed with a leather jacket for [...]

Burton Crowned Designer Of The Year

Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, bagged the coveted award at the Harpers Bazaar Women of the Year Awards.   The award comes shortly after Kate was named “Britain’s style queen” by the magazine’s best dressed list.   After several months of speculation, the designer was revealed as the designer of choice for Kate [...]

Trick or Treat?

Autumn: Definately my favourite time of year. A lot of excitement can be found in the autumnal season: tumbling leaves, cosy cover-up fashions and the need to go the extra mile while you grab that cinnamon latte in the morning. Not as stifling hot as summer or as bitter cold as winter, autumn has an [...]

Tattoo Ardor

Tattoos no longer affiliate the bearer with criminal antics, the Navy, gangs or prostitution in today’s culture. People of all backgrounds and ages (above the age of 18, mind you) are tattooing their memories, passions, desires and personal mantras for an eternal keepsake.   Internationally successful  catwalk models Freja Beha Erichsen (who graces Vogue’s September [...]

McQueen and The Met

Being British means being inherently self deprecating, it’s why we struggle with national pride, feel safer when people take the mick, and look at American hyperbole with  a serious sense of suspicion. Yet last Friday that went right out the window. The Royal Wedding gave us what we needed, a reminder that being British is pretty , bloody [...]

Pretty Platforms

Although kitten heels are very popular during Autumn/Winter 2010-11, beautiful platform shoes and sandals are everywhere. Here are a few delicous ones we have found.

Catch 22 – Nice work if you can get it.

Are you lucky enough to have a job? Look around your office now…how many work experience/placements or interns have sat beside you in the last year? 5, 10, 100? More? How many of them have already got a degree and are over the age of 21? A lot right? Well if anyone should know, it’s [...]