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Loud Statement Rings

When it comes to jewellery I am anything but subtle, in this case, less is not always more. I love wearing chunky chains, having rings adorn my fingers and wearing earrings that are big enough to rival the great Pat Butcher.   One of the looks for this year is again going to be tribal, [...]

Winter Warmers!

There’s a distinctive chill in the air. Nights are getting longer and before you know it, there’s yet another snow-induced baby boom!   It’s the time of year to hang on to your fingers and toes for dear life. Bitter winds have set in and you begin to realise that every day is a losing [...]

Cheryl To Auction Off Outfits

When going through a personal change there is nothing better than having a spring clean and emptying out your wardrobe. Celebrities are no different and it has just been announced that Cheryl Cole will be auctioning off 20 of her most famous outfits with all the proceeds going to charity.   The charity in question [...]