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Do Opposites Really Attract?

When growing up my friends and I had the phrase “opposites attract” drilled into us by romcom films. We firmly believed that we should date someone who is nothing like ourselves. When I was in full on study mode I would tell myself that bad boys looked more attractive, when I was going out drinking [...]

No More Pretty Please

A good looking man is often forgiven a multitude of sins but rudeness and bad manners definitely aren’t included in this. Surely manners are universal, ageless, sexless… Well, recently it seems hot fellas out there are pushing their luck with rather cold courtesies.   Often you would meet a guy with the killer combination of [...]

Body Language and How to Read it

Everyone always asks themselves the same questions when they develop a new “crush” or find someone attractive. Does he like me? Should I speak to him first? While all this seems quite childish and fairly school-like we can’t help but do it. So why is this? I have a feeling it’s because often or not [...]

Top 7 Strategies For Female Flirting

For some the art of flirting comes naturally.  For others it can feel somewhat awkward.  Of course you can wear a low cut top and bend down or a figure hugging dress and bend over.  For those who prefer more sophistication, elegance and subtlety here are our top seven, simple to perform, flirting tips.   [...]

Forever in Fashion

“I’ve just bought a new jacket.”   “Another one?”   You know what it’s like. Friday night. You are frantically searching for an outfit. So you open your wardrobe door and a dozen different things come flying out wanting your attention. This is my universe, it is why time and time again I talk myself out of [...]

The Good, The Bad and The Reality

Forget the line ‘Every girl loves a bad boy’. Its stupid, outdated, and I bet if you really think about it you have never woken up thinking ‘If only I could meet a man like (insert your chosen bad boy here)’.

Big Boys Should Cry

Modern women have been raised to believe that we should expect and strive to achieve any accomplishment we set our sights on. From the dedication of past generations, society now embraces female empowerment and progression. We can be mothers and corporate figureheads, able to communicate and connect whilst tallying the books and networking. Finally the many facets [...]

Checkmate your casual date.

The older we get the more lessons we learn, often from the mistakes we made with such gusto we didn’t see the warning signs ahead. As time passes we refer to our mistakes as experience.  Experience is the reason we stand when mounting street kerbs on a bike, the reason we have more patience with [...]