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Boot Camp

I think it is near about the time I put away my collection of sandals, even the ones I have not had a chance to wear yet! As much as this pains me, a little smile still manages to spread across my face, well, at least I can start looking towards purchasing some new autumn/winter [...]

Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer: Sve Fashion

Hitting Tarporley High street last month was a new fresh fashion boutique Sve selling all one-off bespoke pieces tailored to suit all ages. Sve celebrates the strength and power of women in her sleek lines and flattering cuts. The launch night of this super chic boutique was a huge success. Champagne flowed, delicate music played, [...]

Accessory Must Have – Tights

Since the crazy obsession over leggings began way back in 2009, we have since forgotten about the trusty (and may I add, fashionable) accessory that are tights.   For years tights have played an important factor in fashion, most commonly the black tight seen on women of the working office. Boring I hear you cry? Well, [...]

The New Who’s Who

I have been an avid collector of British Vogue for 12 years now, never missed a single copy. My most prised possession in life is my 1982 November edition which is my birth related copy; it is framed and sits on my bedside table with the pride and devotion it deserves. I also have a [...]

Cosy Knitwear

It’s that time of year again, it’s freezing outside and layers are a must have when hitting the high street for those Christmas shopping sprees.   The cold weather doesn’t need to be fashion’s worst enemy with the big jumper and cardigan now becoming more stylish than ever. There are hundreds to choose from, whether [...]

Winter Warmers

The calendars may tell us that winter starts in December, but many of us Brits have been battling the snow and ice much earlier this year. And if we’re to believe the cartoon flakes falling on every weather report, this ‘big freeze’ won’t be gone in a hurry. As disruptive as it is, I do [...]

Make-Up Minimalism for Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Autumn/Winter 2010 has brought minimalism to the forefront of fashion, not only in attire but also in make-up.  For many designers, the look is one of naturalness with a chosen statement feature whereby the focus is either on the eyes or the lips whilst the rest is kept simple and nude. The models on the [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Republic

Republic.  The place of current high street fashion at good prices.  Annoyingly when I walked into the changing rooms I was taken by the sales assistant to the first of many, right by the entrance.  With a dirty mirror, curtains that didn’t seem quite so secure and with a four inch gap at the bottom [...]

Leopard Print Madness

Leopard prints are everywhere.  Whether you want to go all out with a loud jacket or merely add a splash, you won’t struggle to find something to suit.  Here are a few of our favourite picks to paint your wardrobe wild with… Leopard Print Peggy Side Bow Court -£54.99, Schuh. Leopard Print Fur Jacket – £60.00, [...]

Fur Fabulous

Fur is everywhere.  So much so that nearly everything has a fur version.  Fur mittens, fur slippers, fur dresses, and fur jackets, to name a few.  Whilst stood in H&M trying to complete a birthday gift for my teen niece I smiled as I watched two giggling Chinese girls posing with fur gloves and fur [...]

Autumn/Winter’s Newest Trends

With autumn on our doorstep, a new season as usual means a wind of change in the design world. You are looking out for something fresh, opening another chapter in the fashion cycle.  What will mark your step into a new season this time?  See the answers from world leading fashion designers. We can see [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Zara

After a quick look in the smart and somewhat mature section of  the high street store Zara I swiftly headed for the downward escalator.  As I was already wearing trousers I’d bought from Zara about two weeks prior to my visit, I searched for a variety of tops to demonstrate the versatility of these bottoms. [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Miss Selfridge

It was Friday the 15th October 2010, and whilst out and about on the streets of the big city I ventured into Miss Selfridge.  This particular branch is oddly small for its location, and as such, it’s not particularly representative of what Miss Selfridge has to offer.  This one item, however, stood out to me.  [...]

Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Showdown

Chanel has always been the epitome of chic.  It’s no surprise then that the French label’s theatrical show at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week was said to be the highlight of the event.  The Parisian label didn’t merely produce a catwalk show, it created a theatrical performance.  Putting aside Karl Lagerfeld directing an [...]

Cute, Sexy and Sophisticated – Knitted Dresses This Season

Knitted dresses are plentiful and quite adorable this season.  There are that many styles and they’re such a cosy option that possibly every girl and woman will add one to her wardrobe during Autumn/Winter 2010-11.  Wear with boots, pumps or brogues, with a belt or without, tights, knee high socks, leggings… the opportunities for style [...]

Brogues and Loafers for Women

Autumn/Winter 2010-11 brings many quirky looks.  For those of you with a tom-boy disposition the fashion trend of mannish shoes is sure to please. Brogues and loafers are everywhere, from Harrods to H&M, from the catwalks to the high street.  The mannish shoe is not only a welcome comfort break from the high heels that [...]

Autumn/Winter 2010-11 Hairstyles for 1950s Lovers

So if Autumn/Winter 2010-11 clothing is all about the 50s inspired look, what about the hair?  That too reflects this very era and can be worn in a number of ways.  Whether you go for the beehive, the layered hair with gentle curves, the ponytail, or the poodle, if you’re an avid fan of 1950s [...]

Material Girls: Madonna & Lourdes Sex Up Teenagers

Madonna is under scrutiny for “sexualising” young girls with the new fashion range Material Girl that her daughter of 13 years age has helped her design  The pop queen released images to launch the collection but campaigners have labelled it “inappropriate”.  It would apppear as though Madonna is reliving her youth through her daughter, and [...]

Cloaks & Capes – from Catwalks to Comfort Clothes

If you want to go for one of this season’s minimalist look of simple elegance, what better way to do it than with a statement cape?  Don’t get us wrong, you do not need a leopard print cape or one with leather piping to make a statement.  Capes have a presence of their own.  Not [...]

Victoria Beckham Graces Vogue Magazine Cover… Again!

Victoria Beckham is no stranger to fame but she must be proud of her latest achievement.  She has now managed to grace the cover of Vogue magazine for the FIFTH time!  The 36 year old has appeared on the cover of the Turkish edition of the world famous magazine looking positively sexy and smouldering! She [...]