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60s and 70s Winter Wardrobe

Autumn/Winter 2011 is going to see, once again, the return of the modern mod and the hippy!   The sixties, famed for Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and mini-skirt creator Mary Quant, will introduce its strong influence of London. Polo necks, shift dresses, polka dots, block colours of red, white and yellows and peter pan collars are [...]

The Four Laws of Leopard Print

Seasons come and go, trends peak and expire but leopard print remains a perennial favourite on the fashion circuit – it’s like the cockroach of the post apocalyptic fashion-kingdom; it cannot and will not be defeated. Here are some fool-proof tips to wear your spots with pride:   Avoid frumpy fabrics There’s a reason the [...]

When Holmes Met Yang

Katie Holmes unveiled her latest autumn clothing collection last Thursday, gathering only the most fashion forward of guests to peek into the actress’s most recent collaboration with stylist Jeanne Yang at Maxfield in West Hollywood. The collection, aptly named ‘Holmes & Yang’ includes a women’s and girl’s collection and consists of basic, luxury pieces designed [...]

All For One

The fashion forecast continues to reign over the onesie – and the wide legged version emerges. Heralding itself as the latest, freshest family member to the flirty playsuit and the inspired remake of the classic jumpsuit, this latest imitation is an impressive mix of the seventies palazzo pant trend and unmistakable eighties exuberance.  New collection [...]

Spot The Dog

The last time I wore an outfit inspired by the film 101 Dalmations was fifteen years ago; a white pair of cycling shorts with black spots and a matching t-shirt bearing a few of the famous dalmations from the 1996 film. But in February this year we saw the only high street brand on the London [...]

Trick or Treat?

Autumn: Definately my favourite time of year. A lot of excitement can be found in the autumnal season: tumbling leaves, cosy cover-up fashions and the need to go the extra mile while you grab that cinnamon latte in the morning. Not as stifling hot as summer or as bitter cold as winter, autumn has an [...]

All Creatures Great and Small

As London Fashion Week is all but wrapped up, I am incredibly happy to say that my personal favourite pattern, leopard print, remains on style for the year to come. Alongside leopard print the whole animal kingdom appears to follow, zebra, cheetah, and even Dalmatian prints and furs dominate new Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections. With the [...]

Accessorize This!

Want to find the perfect solution to saving those pennies whilst still remaining at the height of fashion? Big, bold and beautiful or sexy, stylish and demure… there’s no denying that accessories aren’t huge this season (and I don’t just mean the choice of earrings designers are serving up on a silver platter for us). [...]

The Right Baggage

As we look to a new season of style, it’s important to remember that the men in your life and your winter wardrobe should always have one thing in common: the right baggage.   That’s right ladies; don’t be weighed down in the style stakes and instead take to the pavement and view the very [...]


When does online shopping mean everything to gain and nothing to lose?  When the online store creates an easy, hassle-free, safe way to browse, buy and return all of its items.  Thank you, Zalando.   Entering the UK market recently, Zalando has already made its mark with its effective TV advertising campaign.  Upon seeing the [...]

Debate: Palazzo Pants

FOR Initially made popular by Katharine Hepburn in 1930s Hollywood, the bold palazzo pant (originally made as comfortable dress wear) has made a confident revival this season. The 70s post hippies all connected with the fierce yet elegant charm of the palazzo pant as the unofficial uniform of choice. The palazzo pant, to me, says, [...]

The Demise of the Cleavage

  It seems the cleavage has gone the same way as the ill-fated peek-a-boo thong; sentenced to an eternity in bad-taste heaven where all the fashion faux-pas of the nineties reside.     The new season for Autumn 2011 is all about high-neck blouses and elegant masculine cuts where the idea of curves is presented, [...]

Wonderful Wellies

Wellies are no longer being kept to muddy farms or for gardening, they will be seen on the high street, already they have been spotted at festivals!  They will come in their dozens! Bright neon colours, glow in the dark, your classic green, patterned and even polka dots!   It will make rainy days more [...]

Autumn Essentials: Leg Wear

With the new season almost here it’s easy to get carried away with what’s hot on the fashion front. But perhaps the most important addition to our wardrobes for the cold temperatures to come is leg wear and hosiery.   Now, I’m a huge fan of all things related to dressing legs up whether this [...]

Five Fashion Musts For Frosty Winters

The five essential winter items for 2011 are as follows:     1. Coat The problem with winter is that any clothes you do wear, other than a coat, are a complete waste of money. There is nothing more irritating than putting on the best outfit of your life – knowing you have just dressed [...]

Literary Lookbook

There are thousands of places to go for style inspiration the usual being magazines, fashion blogs, television or if you’re me it’s generally just stalking Alexa Chung to check what she’s wearing. But recently in my geeky brain I’ve had a revelation, I decided to turn to my first love for inspiration, literature. Hundreds of [...]

Choker Convert

Continually the fashion world showers us with a contrasting range of trends each season. Together they often compliment and praise one another as if they were always meant to be. Like tulle and lace or cable knit and cashmere. Other times, the styles seem less likely to unite and contrast not in that seemingly effortless [...]

Welcome Back Agyness!

So just the other day I was looking to invest in a brand new pair of boots specifically for the coming Autumn/Winter season and let’s face it, rain has been on and off like there’s no tomorrow lately. In an effort to make the most of our not so lovely British weather I figured looking [...]

We Heart Fashion

Whilst androgyny will still be big during Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the season also brings femininity in all its glory.  One rather popular aspect that has recently been popping up all over the high street is the use of hearts.  Small hearts, big heart, heart jewellery, heart hosiery, heart jumpers, dresses and skirts.   Whether you want [...]

Taking Your Wardrobe Into The Next Season…

So the calendar may claim it’s August, but the view outside our windows doesn’t appear to agree. It may seem a little premature to start seriously thinking about your A/W wardrobe – but due to good old Blighty’s varied summer, clothes that can be worn now and also throughout the next season are what everyone’s [...]