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Accessorise Your Party Outfit

With New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and the general festivities taking place, the sales are perfectly timed for grabbing a well priced accessory or two to glam up an otherwise simple outfit.  At this time of year when we’ve put on a few pounds we can be drawn to our trusty comfort clothing, the LBD or [...]

Christmas Trend: Sequins

  Christmas is almost upon us, and this year it feels like sequins are everywhere.  This party season, it’s time to stand out and invest in some sequins for your wardrobe! Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Diana Von Furstenberg are all embracing this shimmering trend which will definitely get you noticed. With all the designer [...]

Don’t Blend In this Winter

Living in England we rarely experience any summer. This year was no different, we only got a handful of actual sunny days. Personally I don’t think one or two days of sunshine are enough to pull out every one of my bright coloured clothes that I had stacked up from the previous year’s summer sales. [...]

Fashion Sudoku: Black and Metallic

Fashion Sudoku: the perfect excuse for buying several complimentary items.   When you can create this many combinations, it’s well worth it!   Each row and column provides a fresh new look fit for Autumn/Winter 2011-12.    

Fashion Foes

I may well be stepping on a few fashionista toes here, but is it just me that thinks some of the latest (and by all means old) fashion trends are, quite frankly, fashion foes? For the most part I’m usually in favour of new trends and I love seeing what sort of clothes, shoes and [...]

Questioning Fur

Witnessing anti-fur protestors on King Street (Manchester) recently made me think more about the ethics of wearing real fur, and whether or not it was okay to see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley or Kate Moss parade around in dead animals.   For me personally, fake fur has always been the right answer, [...]

Pencil Skirts

You may have noticed that pencil skirts have hurtled back on to the fashion radar. This time not only confined to the ‘work wardrobe,’ pencil skirts are being heralded as a key item for various circumstances and occasions. In general, this revival has been well received:  in the wake of Mad Men mania, this style is [...]

Velvet Your Winter

One of my best childhood memories is when my mother bought me a deep red velvet dress to wear for my lead role at my pre-school recital. Personally I have always associated velvet with cosiness and nobility, it gives off that royal aura, whilst the softness and soothing of it wraps around your body.   [...]

Embellished Glamour

Christmas is coming and Autumn/Winter 2011-12 is in many ways a season of extravagant fashion. Yes there is the minimalist trend but there is also old Hollywood glamour in the form of jewels, beads and other embellishments.  This picture taken from Dolce and Gabbana’s recent advertising campaign is the perfect example of clever clashing of styles and [...]

The Four Laws of Leopard Print

Seasons come and go, trends peak and expire but leopard print remains a perennial favourite on the fashion circuit – it’s like the cockroach of the post apocalyptic fashion-kingdom; it cannot and will not be defeated. Here are some fool-proof tips to wear your spots with pride:   Avoid frumpy fabrics There’s a reason the [...]

When Holmes Met Yang

Katie Holmes unveiled her latest autumn clothing collection last Thursday, gathering only the most fashion forward of guests to peek into the actress’s most recent collaboration with stylist Jeanne Yang at Maxfield in West Hollywood. The collection, aptly named ‘Holmes & Yang’ includes a women’s and girl’s collection and consists of basic, luxury pieces designed [...]

All For One

The fashion forecast continues to reign over the onesie – and the wide legged version emerges. Heralding itself as the latest, freshest family member to the flirty playsuit and the inspired remake of the classic jumpsuit, this latest imitation is an impressive mix of the seventies palazzo pant trend and unmistakable eighties exuberance.  New collection [...]