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Toxic Relations

We have either been in a bad relationship or have known of others who have. A toxic relationship leaves most unhappy and feeling as though the world is on their shoulders. Most, probably all, relationships will go through bad patches and it is more than likely couples will argue. However, these arguments should not leave [...]


Gaining respect in a relationship is a must. It concludes how your partner will treat you and more importantly, how you feel about yourself.   Ultimately, a partner cannot truly love you if they do not respect you, thus you cannot truly love yourself if you let another person disrespect you.   In order to [...]

The Gentleman and The Lady

I am in love with old fashioned romance! The days where men use to open doors for women, surprise them with flowers and chocolates and make an effort to connect intellectually.   I cannot help but feel that many women are lacking the gentleman, the man who would go to any lengths in order to [...]

Personal Space

In a relationship you can sometimes get comfortable to the point where you put in less effort with each other as well as yourself.   Being around each other too much can mean that you take each other for granted and can often try less hard with one another. This could result in a lack [...]

He Has Got A Big…Ego!

A guy that owns tighter jeans than me, whose hair is longer, who stays in the bathroom longer and takes ages to get ready. These are things I can deal with, each to their own and whatever makes a person happy. What I cannot tolerate is a guy whose ego is bigger than a double-decker [...]

Under Construction

How many of us would change to please a guy? It got me thinking, as you often see women trying on clothes in a shop, they frown and add, “Dave wouldn’t like me in this”, or, “I’ll ask Mike if he likes it”.   It puts fear into me, as if you would change to [...]

Fatal Attraction

It’s a lamb to the wolves, a moth to a light bulb, Pandora to her box. As women we are sometimes attracted to the forbidden, what seems out of reach and the ultimate challenge. It’s the bad boy whose ways you think you can change, the flirt you believe you can tame or the lazy spud you [...]