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Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

You may not like shopping very much and when it comes to shopping for accessories…well, it may just not be as interesting as shopping for things like electronics, books or sporting equipment! But you also know that clothes make the man, and this means that you really do have to spend some time and some [...]


Recently I was passing my lunch break by flicking through articles on an online newspaper site (but only because I had read everything on LoveScene, obviously). I came across an article about three women who put their husbands’ skills to the test by allowing them to pack their wives holiday suitcases. Unsurprisingly, the men failed [...]

Out of the Blue

It’s spring drop week on the High Street and we can’t  move for blue. We’re talking near-fluoro blue, cobalt blue; think garish and gaudy, bold and brazen. This isn’t an excuse for all you play-it-safers to dig out your trusty, navy secretary blouse – since when was à la Nick Clegg a ‘thing’? Navy is a [...]

The Fash-Pack embrace the Backpack

Yep, we resisted them for years but they’ve finally become cool again. A slight variation on the pink dinosaur design with inbuilt pen and bottle holder you last carried; this season’s luxury leather backpacks have taken last summer’s high street, ‘hip-homeless’ statement one opulent step further. Backpacks in 2012 aren’t a revelation, you may be [...]

Top 5 Fashion Investments

These are must have items you needed in your wardrobe. Serving as timeless treasures that can go with everything, here are the top five fashion investments that never go out of style.   1)    Little Black Dress Immortalised forever by icon Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been used and recreated by an endless list of [...]

The Wonderful World of ‘Handbags’

“WHY is it that as soon as something sells out it becomes even more desirable?” – Lauren Milligan.   This statement sums up handbags in its entirety along with many people’s desires towards them. Known as the greatest accessory of all time, handbags don’t just mean a lot to us fashionistas but hold a special [...]

The Right Baggage

As we look to a new season of style, it’s important to remember that the men in your life and your winter wardrobe should always have one thing in common: the right baggage.   That’s right ladies; don’t be weighed down in the style stakes and instead take to the pavement and view the very [...]

Party Clutch Bags For The Festive Season

With the party season upon us, one item on your list is bound to be a pretty bag to accessorise your outfit with.  You could buy something fairly plain and yet look a million dollars with the right bag and shoes.  Clutch bags, in particular, always add a hint of chic We’ve hand picked some [...]