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Chic Networking presents the Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event

On Sunday, December 1st, the Liverpool Hilton played host to the first ever Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event. The project was put together by Chic Networking and Tiger PR to showcase the best of Liverpool’s boutique fashions and to allow local independent businesses to promote themselves and network with other businesses also in the fashion [...]

NAIL ART: Are we done yet?

The fingernail is having a Mariah Carey diva moment. From velvet tips to chalkboard doodles, beauty bloggers worldwide must surely wince with each new “it” effect that they are obliged to review. Nail varnish ranges that don’t include some sort of DIY bead kit are few and far between. Limited edition sets suggest we become [...]

Parisian Style

Paris is my favourite city in the world; on offer are the finest of macaroons, pastries and wines in a setting so romantic it blows Disney movies out of the water. But other than the delectable food and pretty sights there’s one other thing I love about it- the seemingly effortless sense of style. To [...]

Sued for being ugly, do looks really matter?

Has the world actually gone mad?   When I read the story about a man suing his ex-wife for being ugly I had to delve deeper. Basically after having a daughter with his wife, Jian Feng accused his wife of cheating, as the child was so ugly it didn’t look like them. After all the [...]

Beauty Reaches New Levels

  It’s been a long, stressful week – too much time spent staring at a computer screen and pretending to be an important and intrinsic member of the company when in reality, soul crushing spreadsheets have turned into online shopping with the computer screen quickly minimised every time the manager walks by. If only there [...]

Hair & Make-Up Artist Creates Catwalk Worthy Looks

  A girl’s wedding day is definitely one of the most exciting days she will ever experience.  It is all about her – and her beau – but it is especially her moment.  It’s the moment she becomes a woman.  It’s the moment she takes on a new persona, that of a Mrs Somebody.  No [...]

Ella Harriet Laver’s Got ‘The London Look’

Ella Laver has won the hearts of a nation and secured a contract to become one of the faces of a famous make-up brand, by winning a public vote in More magazine to be named Miss Rimmel Sunshimmer (Grimsby Telegraph Nov 2011)   Last year, Ella Laver, 20, was imagining every young girl’s desire of [...]

Sugar Rush

  Spring/Summer 2012 pastels are pale and striking in equal measure. Instead of warm tones, opt for sour lemon and rose pinks. Cool shades offer an understated palette. Despite Mulberry’s ice-cream ad campaign – these pastels aren’t saccharine sweet, but chalky and frosty, making them less pigtails in playground and more back of the bike [...]

A Klass Act

Myleene Klass launched her new range of nail wraps at an exclusive preview party in a special pop up nail bar in Soho on Tuesday night. The singer and television presenter has designed a collection that includes both simple and more elaborate designs, which only take a few seconds to apply but will last for [...]

Is Beauty Wasted On The Beautiful?

I am someone who isn’t unattractive, nor do I cause people sleepless nights as I haunt their dreams with my unobtainable brilliance. I am average, I “get by” and 80% of the time I’m happy with that.   But there is always a girl you envy, no matter what the situation.  School, College, Work; there [...]

Black Is Beautiful

What can we say is generally seen as being beautiful to other people? Could it be black, mixed or very dark-skinned women?   It is a question that still circulates our thoughts today, and the worry of how positive the representations of black female models actually are or have been, within popular culture. As beauty [...]

Top Ten Tips For Natural Flawless Skin

Most men and women either enjoy flawless skin or desire it. How you look on the outside can really help how you feel on the inside. However, what you do to your insides massively affects how you look on the outside!  Here are our top ten tips (in no particular order) for you to achieve [...]

GHD – Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

Like most owners, I could not live without my GHD stylers.  When they were first introduced to the market place one of my best friends, Mel, introduced my hair to this fabulous new technology. One fine summer’s day, immediately after a girly session in which Mel demonstrated their power, we headed outside to enjoy the [...]

Plastic Surgery – Is It Worth It?

There was a time when all children dressed like children and all adults looked like, well, normal human beings.  That was of course before attractive adults took to cosmetic surgery in a bid to keep their youthful looks. The last time Sharon Osbourne graced British television she looked fabulous for her age, albeit with the [...]

A-Z of Natural Foods for Healthy and Youthful Skin

For centuries mankind has been using natural foods as part of their beauty regime. Below is an A-Z of naturally occurring foods that assist in maintaning healthy and youthful skin, naturally. Avocado Packed with healthy, monounsaturated fats Avocados boost the plumpness of skin cells.  The E and C vitamins that they are rich in are [...]

Paris Hilton Sued for Breach of £22m Hair Extensions Contract

Paris Hilton is being sued for £22million… over hair extensions.  That’s right.  Does that sound like a ridiculous abuse of law or is it indicative of the amount of money Hilton received for the contract deal she signed with Beverly Hills firm Hairtech? Well, the heiress and socialite signed a £2.2million deal to act as [...]