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It’s perfectly okay for you to be single, I promise.

This is an issue that I’m facing a lot lately, which is why after a long hiatus from writing for this wonderful website, I just felt that I had to return to my relationship rants to ask if any other women are being asked this question a little more often that they’d like: Oh, why [...]

The Man Detox

It’s the New Year. Hey 2014, you’d better be a good one! I know a good few of you are going to be having something of a detox January. No alcohol, few carbs and a only the tiniest amount of sugar after the excesses and jollity of December. Cutting out caffeine? Downing the vegetable juice? Your [...]

Rough Guide to Singledom for the Newly Single

Are you recently single? I am. Isn’t it just the best feeling? No. Not really. I’m in that time that everyone has in their life – that limbo period where you are stuck between wanting that person back and wanting everything to go away so you can be happy again. But being in this very confusing, up-and-down period [...]

Love Is A Four Letter Word

Not just literally, that is. So far as I’m concerned, also in the sense that it’s not one I either want or need to hear about. Sometimes it seems there are two kinds of people out there: those who spend their lives bouncing from one relationship to another and those who are happy without the [...]

Stupid Cupid

So, I have to go out for a friend’s birthday tomorrow night. All good you might think, since I usually work all weekend. Unfortunately it’s going to be a case of being the spare, as all of my friends are now coupled up leaving me with just an imaginary plus one.   Just a few [...]

Single Days

As Christmas lurks its sparkly head around November’s corner you begin to notice how much love really is in the air, and most couples come out of hibernation to display that love brighter than the biggest bauble on the tree. But just as kids, and fun loving adults open their sickly sweet treats behind each [...]

Living Without Marriage. We Can Do it!

When I was younger, I use to imagine how I would be when I got older, marriage, children and a big house in the countryside always popped into my mind. I imagined myself with at least two children by the age of twenty-six and a doting husband who would stand for everything I value in [...]


It’s that time again, where we separate from our cash in exchange for gifts for loved ones. Year after year, almost like tradition, shopping becomes a mayhem days before Christmas day. But is it me or is everyone riveting on about what they want their girlfriend or boyfriend to get them this Xmas? Now I [...]

THE SINGLE BED: Single for sale

I have just had a bit of good news; according to my dearest (and most exhausted) male friend, I have moved off the ‘unsellable list.’ Of course the bad news, is that I wasn’t aware that I was ever on said list in the first place. Apparently blokes all over the world are aware of [...]

Relationship Reality

The old adage ‘the grass is greener’ is one I find myself increasingly interested in over the past few months. There are hundreds of articles decoding the signals of singledom, the thrilling highs and painful lows, but what happens when they are over?  Obsessive phone checking ceases, panic over first date fashion concludes and you think [...]