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Denise Welch Accused Of Two Affairs

She may well have been on cloud nine with her success on the hit reality TV show Big Brother, but today Denise Welch has slipped back down to earth with a bang.   The 53-year-old loose woman was crowned winner of Big Brother last week, but today Denise Welch is facing allegations she cheated on [...]

The X Factor Effect

  The X Factor has often left viewers wondering what the point is in going on the show.   By the time the excitement about the latest winner has completely dissipated, it is only then that the winner launches their first album!  Surely Simon Cowell and Sony should have at least a few tracks pre-written so that [...]

Strange Fiction?

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid the majority of gossip magazines recently, you may be aware of the new trend of “celebrity” that’s emerged. Rather than say being recognised for some form of talent in regard to maybe acting, singing or dance ability these new found contenders seem to have become known more for their [...]

Chantelle Houghton Pregnant!

The celebrity baby boom now has an additional pregnancy, Big Brother star and glamour model Chantelle Houghton has announced she is pregnant with Alex Reid’s baby!   That’s right, the unlikely couple are expecting their first child together just two and a half months after announcing they were trying for a baby.   Chantelle revealed [...]

Jade Goody’s Mum Jackiey Budden Loses Unborn Baby

Tragic news broke yesterday as it emerged that Jackiey Budden, the mother of the late Jade Goody had suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks pregnant. She is said to be devastated after losing the baby she believed Jade was sending ‘from heaven’.   The 55 year old fell pregnant by her now ex-boyfriend John Hickinbottom, [...]

Instant Fame: Just Add TV

Hard work, determination and talent or just the ability to get yourself in front of a camera and on the television? I’m not sure exactly what it takes in order to make someone a star nowadays but sometimes it seems that talent doesn’t always have to be that involved.   Whether it’s Big Brother or [...]

The Super Injunction rolls on…. and on…. and on…. and on

Its that time again where I get to my computer and write about the wild life of some certain celebrities, and whilst the topic has been written to death I feel it only right that I offer my insight into this face that is ‘The Super Injunction’. Firstly I want to talk about the title. [...]

Chantelle Houghton…. 15 minutes more!

She was once a Paris Hilton look-alike, these days’s she is a Z list celebrity, yet for some reason, I can’t help but have compassion for Chantelle Houghton. On January 5th we were all introduced to a young girl who wanted to be on Big Brother, her aim was simple, convince some genuine celebrities you [...]