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Love Is A Four Letter Word

Not just literally, that is. So far as I’m concerned, also in the sense that it’s not one I either want or need to hear about. Sometimes it seems there are two kinds of people out there: those who spend their lives bouncing from one relationship to another and those who are happy without the [...]

Mr Not-So-Perfect

Ever wish you could just curl up and hide when you hear the phrase “I know someone who’s perfect for you”? it’s even managed to replace the broken record track of “why haven’t you got a boyfriend” as the officially most irritating thing people can say to me which has to be some achievement.   [...]

First Blind Dates

First dates are hard enough but what if your first date is a blind one?  First the usual precautions:   ♥ Wear something conservative.  Tick. ♥ Make sure your heels aren’t so big that you can’t get away quickly should you require.  Tick. ♥ Arrange to meet someone familiar and public with plenty of taxis waiting in the vicinity [...]